Dear Nigel,

I’ve just been looking for a new motor racing book to read and noticed the lack of books on Alain Prost. Given his standing in the history of the sport and the one sided nature of the recent Senna documentary, isn’t it time someone (ie you!) wrote a definitive biography? I’m still hoping Alain will appear at Goodwood.

Steve Turnbull

Dear Steve,

I think you’re quite right. Jackie Stewart, for one, has said that he always thought Alain Prost better than Ayrton Senna, and that was my belief, too – just as, in JYS’s own era, I thought Jochen Rindt faster, but Jackie the best.

For reasons never clear to me, though, some people appear reluctant to give Prost his due, to accord him his rightful place in the pantheon of Grand Prix racing. Maybe it is because his public persona was anything but flashy, his driving style silky rather than overt…I don’t know. Since first I met Alain, when he was doing F3 in 1979, I got on with him well, and always found him very honest, as well as being extremely good fun. To interview him was a pleasure, because he always gave you a straight answer, rather than a politically correct one.

I agree with you: it’s time there was a good book about Prost. Perhaps you can suggest it to him yourself at Goodwood – yes, after all these years, he is confirmed for the Festival of Speed…