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Friday 28th August 2015


Andrew Frankel


Senior Contributing Writer

After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars better than he handled money, Andrew joined Autocar many years ago as a junior tester. Since then he has become one of the industry’s senior figures. Editor of Motor Sport for five years, he now runs our road test section.

Most recent

The versatile Ariel Nomad

“Even with two-wheel drive it’ll go most places a Defender will and on gravel it’s already gone faster than a Group N rally car…”

It ain’t what you got, it’s where you go with it

Our road car editor finds himself enamoured with a vehicle he expected to hate

The rise of LMP3

Having driven Ginetta’s LMP3 machine for the magazine, Frankel’s convinced it’s the best way to go for those entering sports car racing

The Walkinshaws at Spa

Sean had a torrid time at the 2015 Spa 24 Hours, but father Tom loved every minute of it 34 years ago.

McLaren gets it right with the 675LT

After only four years as a full-time road car manufacturer, McLaren has built a supercar it can truly be proud of

Driving the new Mazda MX-5

Recapturing what made the original such a favourite 25 years ago

Will Aston Martin return to Formula 1?

Could a link-up with Red Bull and Mercedes be on the cards? If so, it’ll surely be better-timed than Aston’s original effort…

The best of the Festival of Speed

After 22 years, Goodwood can still produce sights and sounds to blow you away

Will the new Top Gear work?

Can Chris Evans save one of the world’s most popular TV shows, or was it all about Clarkson, Hammond and May?

Toyota vs Nissan at Le Mans

Which manufacturer had the better Le Mans? The answer’s not as clear-cut as the race results suggest

Driving Ferrari’s 488 GTB

Ferrari’s new car is a triumph, but what’s round the corner might be more exciting

80 years of the driving test

The driving test’s been around a long time, but is it fit for purpose?

Porsche raises the bar

Driving the new GT3 RS: exciting but secure up to 9/10ths, immensely rewarding when pushed harder

The modern Mille Miglia

What was once a gentle country drive has returned somewhat to its hair-raising roots

Cars on British roads

Why so many cars with massive potential fail to live up to the hype in Britain

Politicians who love cars

Which of the world’s leaders have harboured a passion for the four-wheeled?

Return of the manual ‘box

With both Jaguar and Porsche offering manual transmissions are we seeing a return of drivers’ cars?

Should Mercedes build a GT4 race car?

AMG’s Tobias Moers wants to know what you think about entering the GT4 category