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Tuesday 1st December 2015


Andrew Frankel


Senior Contributing Writer

After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars better than he handled money, Andrew joined Autocar many years ago as a junior tester. Since then he has become one of the industry’s senior figures. Editor of Motor Sport for five years, he now runs our road test section.

Most recent

Good news at McLaren

It’s not all doom and gloom at McLaren – its road cars are flying off the shelves

Race of Champions: the view from the couch

Even with its star line-up and varied machinery, the Race of Champions’ TV spectacle left much to be desired

In praise of the Honda NSX

The beauty of the original NSX and whether the new hybrid version will live up to expectations

Porsche’s new 911

It’s the most impressive yet least-charming new 911 Frankel has driven in the last 10 years.

The true scale of Porsche’s achievement

Porsche has won the WEC constructors’ crown in only its second season and it might well be the marque’s finest achievement yet

The most fun you can have in a car

Frankel finds epiphany in the heart of Wales

The Ferrari F12 tdf

Why the latest Tour de France has the potential to become the one of the most desirable Ferrari road cars of all time

Something’s got to give at VW

Why the ramifications of the VW scandal might not be resolved for decades and could reduce its motor sport programmes

The greatest racing reference book

Finally coming into possession of one of the greatest works of racing research ever

What now for VW?

In the wake of a scandal that has rocked the VW Group and sent its higher-ups packing, what will happen to the rest of the industry?

The trouble at Volkswagen

After Audi has spent decades rebuilding its reputation in North America, another VAG scandal threatens to derail its good work

Ferraris at Goodwood

Taking part in the all-Ferrari Lavant Cup at Goodwood

Aventador vs 2CV

The right car’s out there for you, even if it does fall somewhere in between these two

Your opinion: The National Motor Museum

Is the National Motor Museum worthy of the name? Or is it as excellent as the reviews say it is?

The versatile Ariel Nomad

“Even with two-wheel drive it’ll go most places a Defender will and on gravel it’s already gone faster than a Group N rally car…”

It ain’t what you got, it’s where you go with it

Our road car editor finds himself enamoured with a vehicle he expected to hate

The rise of LMP3

Having driven Ginetta’s LMP3 machine for the magazine, Frankel’s convinced it’s the best way to go for those entering sports car racing

The Walkinshaws at Spa

Sean had a torrid time at the 2015 Spa 24 Hours, but father Tom loved every minute of it 34 years ago.