Gordon Kirby

US editor
He’s been there and seen it all, but GK’s finger is still very much on the pulse of modern US racing. After over 30 years as the American editor of Autosport, he remains one of the most outspoken and authoritative voices on the US scene. Gordon is now Motor Sport’s US editor, shedding light on everything that is happening on the other side of the Atlantic.

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America's finest year

9th January 2017

Gordon Kirby turns back half a century, when Americans hit a high in racing...

Andretti’s unparalleled passion for racing

20th December 2016

A number of top drivers around the world decided to retire this year. These...

Penske’s Maestro

15th December 2016

Gordon Kirby's latest book uncovers the story of American racing's quiet winner...

The challenges of driving in NASCAR

29th November 2016

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has emerged as one of the greatest,...

IndyCar's autonomous car tester

17th November 2016

JR Hildebrand has gone back to school, helping to develop autonomous car...

The Chase: The final three

1st November 2016

Gordon Kirby looks ahead to the final three races of NASCAR's chase Three...


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