Simon Arron

Features editor
Intrigued by cars almost from birth, Simon was still at school when he persuaded a local newspaper editor that he really, really needed to run race reports from Oulton Park, Aintree and elsewhere. He has since followed the sport all over the planet and edited several titles, including Motoring News, Autocourse and this one (August 1991-October 1996).

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Lewis Hamilton, 10 years on

24th March 2017

Simon Arron winds back the clock to a fresh-faced Lewis Hamilton's Grand Prix...

7 – 2008 Brazilian GP

1st October 2016

In 2007 the Paulistas had embraced Lewis Hamilton – a mixed-race tyro chasing...

11 – 1933 Monaco GP

17th September 2016

The fifth Monaco Grand Prix would be a landmark event, in that the grid would...

12 – 1985 Portuguese GP

16th September 2016

In time the unexpected would become the expected, but this was only Ayrton...

13 – 1968 German GP

11th September 2016

It’s an oft-repeated cliché that this was the apotheosis among many fine...

14 – 2005 Japanese GP

9th September 2016

A series taken from the 162-page Motor Sport special 100 Greatest Grands Prix (...


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