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Saturday 23rd July 2016



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Periwinkle Blue with Black Wings
20th Feb 2013

Car listed at $24500 (currency conversions are approximate).

1964 Morgan Plus 4 2-Seat Roadsters/n 5754Periwinkle Blue with Black Wings and Black InteriorSince the 1930s, Morgan has been building sports cars for the true automotive enthusiast. Much of the design has remained constant, and even the later Morgans bear many of the same lines which the captivated motoring world during the pre and post war periods. This particular Plus 4 two-seat Roadster is an original black plate California car, sold new in California in 1964 and believed to have remained here ever since. Previous owners include Roland Holt of Paradise, California, Carlos Garza of Petaluma, California, and Ralph Day- well known in the vintage motoring community- from Concord, California. As a two-seat Roadster, s/n 5754 features the attractive sloping rear body lines not found on the four seat models. It is best described as a solid, nice driver example, which would lend itself well to regular use. Fantasy Junction had the opportunity to sell this Plus 4 to Mr. Garza over a decade ago, at which time the odometer showed just 69,738 miles. Today, the odometer shows just under 73,000 miles. While not recently restored, the car appears to remain in good mechanical condition. On arrival, Fantasy Junction performed a compression test. All four cylinders read between 145-155 lbs, confirming the health of the engine. The car starts easily, and has good power. The clutch, transmission, and balance of the driveline are all operating well. The brakes are effective and the suspension has a responsive feel. Cosmetically, the car is a nice driver. The chassis rails are solid and straight, although not overly detailed. The body structure and panels are reasonably straight and solid, with minimal play at the door hinges. The bonnet latches and fits well. The paint has certainly been redone, and makes a nice driver presentation, but is not without minor flaws from age and use. The chrome is very nice, with minimal weathering. The car sites on nicely painted wire wheels in good condition. The typical Morgan Spartan interior is in good, functional order, representative of a older restoration. The upholstery and wood are in good condition. Both the engine bay and the underside could benefit from a cosmetic detail, but appear to be in good order mechanically. Cars from this era are eligible for an ever expanding number of tour and rally events, and this Morgan represents a wonderful entry-level classic with which to participate. The Morgan Owner's Club are an active and charismatic bunch, committed to all-weather touring, valuing the driving experience above the condition of their cars. A car in this cosmetic condition would be an ideal fit for many classic motoring events. Morgans have always had a die-hard following. They are relatively easy to service and get parts for, and are often maintained by their custodian. With a simplistic and well tested design, impressive performance, attractive lines, and a palatable price tag, these quintessential British sports cars have outlasted many of their competitors through the decades with a comparatively unchanged design.

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