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From F1 to racing a boat on a Thai river

Opinion by Jack Phillips, June 6th 2016

TV car shows have a type: buy a shed and call it a barn find, find out it’s...

Extreme feats in motor sport

Opinion by Nigel Roebuck, July 17th 2013

“Whatever you do,” Bobby Rahal warned me, “do not immediately try to play the...

Drag racing’s Force of nature

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, December 1st 2010

This is to salute John Force, who made what is surely this year’s greatest...

1000bhp and 0-170mph in 7.9 seconds...

Opinion by Ed Foster, September 16th 2010

I recently made the trip up to Santa Pod to watch the European Finals. It was,...

The fastest motor sport on earth

Opinion by Ed Foster, September 5th 2008

There are only a handful of times in my life when I would fully admit to being...

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