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F1 Opinion 11

2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

It seems like only a few months ago that we recorded our 2010 Formula 1 season review in our local pub, the Chelsea Ram.

But a full 12 months have passed, and to change things around a bit for this year’s season review we decided to ‘upgrade’ to the Bluebird restaurant. This may just seem like a good excuse to enjoy the food and wine this Chelsea establishment has to offer, but there was more to it than that.

opinion  2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

Built in 1923 as the Bluebird Garage for Sir Malcolm Campbell, this Art Deco building was the place where in 2005 David Coulthard introduced Adrian Newey to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. The negotiations that meant Adrian would leave McLaren and join the ranks in Milton Keynes came at a later date, but the seed had been sown. It’s this partnership that has been a major factor in Sebastian Vettel’s two World Championships and so – good food aside – it seemed a fitting place to record our last podcast of 2011.

Our latest issue includes a full season review, taken from this recording, as well as Nigel Roebuck’s top ten drivers and an exclusive interview with 2011 runner-up Jenson Button. Want to know who Jenson thinks is the most aggressive driver on the grid? Look out for the February issue on UK newstands on December 30.

In the meantime, from all of us on the podcast team, a very happy Christmas and thank you for listening. It’s been a great year for the podcasts and we hope you’ve enjoyed them. We’ll be back in the new year with a great guest to kick us off. The first recording will be on January 19 so look out for the podcast soon after that.

At the risk of sounding like a BAFTA Award winner, I would just like to thank Alan Hyde for looking after the sound so brilliantly (it’s not easy making a bunch of smokers sound good) and Nigel Roebuck, Damien Smith and Rob Widdows for providing the content. More of the same in 2012, please…

opinion  2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

opinion  2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

opinion  2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

opinion  2011 Formula 1 season review podcast



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11 comments on 2011 Formula 1 season review podcast

  1. Iberian M.P.H., 23 December 2011 12:46

    Fantastic poddie, folks! You should do it more often. Interesting thoughts about DRS/KERS and yeah, we need a champioship in 2012 that’s a bit like 2010 stuff, multiple winners and more teams on the podium.

  2. CH, 24 December 2011 21:17

    Thank you. Motorsport sets the highest and most unique standard. My favorite.

  3. David, 25 December 2011 08:24

    Excellent podcast as usual. Thanks :-]

    In 2010 the problems Vettel had flattered Webber and the WDC. During Summer Vettel was driving a damaged car. In the early part of the season Vettel had mechanical problems. Vettel would have won the 2010 sooner.

  4. David, 25 December 2011 12:30

    Hamilton did not have the “best rookie season ever” – he had an equal season to Jacques Villeneuve in HIS rookie f1 season and they both won the title the following year.

    My wishlist for 2012 has only one: that Williams rise to contest positions in the points and get stronger as the season moves forward. Amen?

  5. Tony Geran, 26 December 2011 19:58

    Yes guys another great podcast. Amazing you got it done considering your various nicotine habits. Thought you would have to pop outside for a quick ‘fix’ every so often. Agree with Iberian MPH here’s to a more competitive 2012. Thank you Motorsport for maintaining your usual high standards.

  6. Charlie, 27 December 2011 09:04

    Find it strange how one of your guys says u cant know how gd the red bull is and therefore he thinks fernando did the best as a drivers effort….. well surely that applies to fernandos car. Felipe is off form after is accident and is clearly not performing so we dont know how good the ferrari is. No doubt Fernando has been good but i find it easier to judge Vettels season as a driver than fernandos. Seems like double standards being applied when trying to see who did the better effort in terms of the drivers.

  7. Tony Geran, 27 December 2011 23:54

    Charlie, Vettel had 15 poles and 11 wins. Alonso qualified in the top 3 what 3 times but had 10 top 3 finishes. Either the Ferrari was a better race than qualifying car or Alonso plain out performed the car on race performance. I suspect the latter. If next year’s Ferrari is more competitive than this year’s then the drivers’ title may go to Spain again in 2012.

  8. Jeremy Smith, 29 December 2011 01:51

    Thank you…

  9. CH, 31 December 2011 03:18

    Off topic (don’t know where else to put it (maybe someday have a thread for sharing things of general interest??))
    Anyway, hope ok to post. Peter Windsor with three great short interview sessions with John Watson:

  10. Greg Conchelos, 1 January 2012 17:42

    Re threads: do both. Keep this format but give links or a sort button on topics: engines; bodies; drivers; history; regulations; legal issues; safety; etc. Let the editors make the call on the categories and the tagging of comments.
    Dr. Greg Conchelos USA in Canada

  11. R. Ellis, 8 January 2012 20:57

    Enjoyable podcast as usual. I thought that it was interesting none of the group mentioned Hamilton at the Nurburgring – where he showed what a sublime racer he can be when his head is in the right place.

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