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F1 Opinion 17

April’s podcast with Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards had been commentating for the British Touring Car Championship for nearly 10 years when he got the call from the BBC in November 2011.

He’s now the lead commentator for the BBC’s F1 coverage in 2012 and we decided to pick his brains about what it’s like behind the microphone, next to David Coulthard, and what he thinks of the season so far.

We’ve asked him plenty of your questions so enjoy… As always, let us know what you think.

opinion  Aprils podcast with Ben Edwards

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17 comments on April’s podcast with Ben Edwards

  1. T Chadwick, 6 April 2012 20:31

    As yet I have not found Ben Edwards to be as informative as Martin Brundle. However, on a positive note I think that the insight that Gary Anderson brings is excellent.

  2. Derek Lorimer, 8 April 2012 12:17

    Great podcast. Shame we are not his commentary in Australia

  3. Chris Hall, 8 April 2012 13:12

    Very enjoyable podcast with the man who should’ve replaced Murray when he retired IMHO. I believe that is actually a return to the BBC for Ben as he commentated ( along with Tiff Needell ) on a non championship Formula First race at Brands back in 1987 which appeared on the BBC documentary about the inaugural F First season ( First on the Grid ). As Ben said it was pretty chaotic early on but turned out some pretty good drivers apart from Ben eg Kelvin Burt ( 1991 F Vauxhall Lotus and 1993 British F3 champion and later F1 tester for arrows and Jordan, where he outpaced both Barrichello and Irvine ) ), Chris Goodwin ( now working for McLaren cars I believe and Raphael Real del Sarte ( wonder what happened to him as he was very quick ).

  4. Tony Geran, 9 April 2012 23:06

    Nice podcast guys as ever. Australian TV takes its audio feed from Sky now and while it’s great to still get Brundle’s commentary I’m not keen on David Croft’s style. When Channel Ten lost Sky’s commentary in Malaysia after a lightening strike someone flicked the wrong switch and we had the BBC commentary for a minute or two and it was definitely easier to listen to, even if DC can’t pronounce the World Champion’s surname correctly. I recall Ben Edwards from his days in the A1 series and Champcar and it was nice to get his perspective on life in the commentary box. Actually I spent most of my long weekend working in the garden and listened to a number of Motorsport podcasts on my ipod again, particularly enjoyed the JYS, Murray Walker and Audi film evening podcasts. Keep up the great work guys, it’s nice to get such good freebies.

  5. rob widdows, 10 April 2012 12:24

    Glad you enjoyed this one guys. We have a special guest on the next one………details TBA soon…………..!
    Ben is a good bloke, a real enthusiast, and deserves his big break with the BBC. I do not have Sky TV so I do miss listening to M.Brundle, but I reckon Ben has done a good job so far and he seems to work well with Coulthard which is always a bonus.
    China next. Let’s hope for a good race. It may well rain.

  6. The Damage, 11 April 2012 00:24

    Your podcasts are great, but you need to get the RSS feed attached so I can listen to them on my portable internet radio while washing up! Without RSS I also never know when the next podcast is up online!

  7. rob widdows, 11 April 2012 12:53

    Yes, well, this is one for our web editor and producer Ed Foster because he is a) young b) a digital native and c) able to respond sensibly.
    RSS means nothing to me, although I do have an ancient portable radio which does received BBC Radio 4 I’m pleased to say. I also have a portable telephone which, most of the time, makes calls.
    Over to our producer.

  8. Ed Foster, 11 April 2012 13:00

    Thanks Rob…

    We are looking into the RSS feed now so hopefully we’ll have some news for you in the next few weeks!



  9. rob widdows, 12 April 2012 12:23

    There you are. Not only does Ed make me look half-sensible by producing our podcasts, he responds to technocrats in positive language. Who knows, maybe the next show will be attached to an RSS feed……………..but I will be blissfully unaware…………….

  10. iain, 13 April 2012 14:19

    really glad Ben Edwards has taken over as commentator, he’s not as informed as Brundle BUT he is a better commentator and thats what I want, a real, full time commentator .. Coulthard and Gary Anderson give the right analysis and insight and thats the way it should be. He is a REAL replacement for Murray Walker at last and brings a real sense of excitement to commentary, shame it took the Beeb 10 years to get him on board and shame that the beeb will be handibg the whole shebang over to Sky in the future.

  11. AJ Ball, 14 April 2012 19:27

    Thankyou for this episode. It’s nice that Ben Edwards got the gig with the BBC. And thanks to Nigel for bringing up the CART days. There is a whole generation of fans out there who grew up with Ben and Jeremy Shaw on Eurosport’s CART coverage and miss those times.

  12. A Sheehan, 18 April 2012 21:55

    Glad to hear Ben on the podcast this month, really enjoyed it, as it leads you to viewing old Eurosport footage, especially 2000 Michigan 500, now that was a finish and those were proper race cars

  13. Dharmash, 19 April 2012 19:19

    Please, please RSS feed so I can listen while I do the chores round the house! Dad of a young family listening to your fantastic show. No time otherwise!

  14. Dharmash, 19 April 2012 19:22

    OK, sorry just read the posts earlier. Hope you get the RSS out soon. But I will say again, that the podcasts are excellent. They really make my day! Thanks.

  15. Gabriele, 24 April 2012 15:25

    Jake Humphrey’s name entered the frame a few weeks ago, and the more you think about it the more he makes sense. You ARE joknig, right? Jake Humphrey has that annoying, half-asleep-but-somehow-smug look on a face you just want to punch!As far as widespread acclaim when he presented the BBC’s coverage of the NFL Superbowl is concerned, the people acclaiming him were clearly watching a different Jakea0Humphrey from the one I saw. All through that coverage, Humphrey demonstrated (or worse still, faked) such complete ignorance of anything and everything related to American Football that I genuinely wondered whether Humphrey really WAS bored out of his mind, completely disinterested, and simply showing his irritation at having to host the Superbowl show?If that irritating, whining little squirt is a rising star then I think it’s time to slit my wrists. Jake Humphrey is one of the few people I can think of who manages to make Kimi Raikonnen sound passionate and charismatic.PLEASE, BBC: don’t let Humphrey anchor your F1 coverage! He’ll manage to drain the life out of the show quicker than Dracula. I guarantee that within five minutes of this rising star being on screen, you’ll be desperately searching for the blunt forks to poke your own eyeballs out.Just my personal opinion, of course!

  16. Steve Taylor, 3 May 2012 21:05

    Martin Brundle was a great loss to the BBC an a huge gain to SKY. Ben is however a great commentator and with DC as his wingman another great team is maturing. Commentating is a art with only a few being remembered for their particular skill. John Arlott, Bill McLaren, Murray Walker to name but three. Martin Brundle made that difficult transition from racer to raconteur and I’m sure that Ben Edwards will do his utmost to emulate the greats that have gone before. I am looking forward to his podcast. Only 31 seconds left on download.

  17. Alan Bayley, 24 June 2012 16:06

    I find Ben Edward’s style of F1 commentary borders on the insane. He screams hysterically into the microphone and adds nothing to what you are already seeing. When he is not screaming he is very good. He doesn’t add to the excitement he just leaves you fearing for the safety of the people around him.
    Martin Brundle was brilliant and so is David Coultard. I know “passion” is the current excuse for behaving like a maniac, but I don’t buy it.

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