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Season review podcast with Jody Scheckter

This month, to coincide with Jody Scheckter’s guest editor special, the team sat down with him to discuss the 2012 Formula 1 season.

opinion  Season review podcast with Jody Scheckter

We’re happy to say that Ed Foster has been honoured by the Guild of Motoring Writers with their new media award for these podcasts; so from the whole team who work so hard to produce them, a sincere thanks for listening.

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opinion  Season review podcast with Jody Scheckter

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10 comments on Season review podcast with Jody Scheckter

  1. Mikey, 20 December 2012 17:55

    Congratulations on the award. I really enjoy the podcasts and look forward to more in the future. I hope you have some interesting guests lined up for 2013.

  2. Piero Dessimone, 20 December 2012 19:33

    Totally agree with Jody Scheckter about Alonso, the penalties for gearbox changes and similar being totally unfair. Great story about the late lamented Patrick Depailler.
    Super podcast, thank you very much and have a nice festive season.

  3. Mark Bushnell, 20 December 2012 21:40

    As ever, I really enjoyed listening to the podcast. I have a whole ipod devoted to them, in point of fact, and they kept me sane when on holiday in Italy earlier in the year: listening to tales of life in the Motorpsort Office caused me to laugh out loud whilst my family climbed the leaning tower…so thank you for that!
    This review became something of a love-in between Messrs Scheckter and Roebuck, after their initial disagreement about Alonso, but it was still very entertaining and informative as their opnions are based on experience. The “quite flat” story is reason enough alone to download this episode. As I first became really interested in Formula 1 in 1973 these are men of my era, so to speak. I would also recommend highly Nigel Roebuck’s book “Inside Formula 1″ – a very good read.
    Thank you again for these podcasts, a number of your competitors produce programmes that are either formulaic (no pun) or, in one case, appear to be designed to appeal to youngsters who have a concentration span that lasts less than five minutes…

  4. Tony Geran, 20 December 2012 22:18

    Not sure I like the picture of JS celebrating his Brands Hatch 1974 “victory” inherited when someone’s Ford Cortina blocked the pit exit denying “The Rat” his win. Seriously though, look forward to listening to this podcast, have his first “appearance” on the Motor Sport podcast still on my ipod.

  5. Uncle Iberian, 21 December 2012 23:24

    Excellent poddie, I’d probably say it’s cast in pod (whatever that is). As a mighty fan of motor racing you always try to find some opinionated original material; unlike some homemade podcasts that filled the internet, this one is the real deal.

    Not quite flat? LOL, OMG! Golden!

  6. chuckb, 22 December 2012 01:30

    Spectacular show. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  7. DM, 22 December 2012 03:30

    Nice job boys. Nice to hear some of you (including Jody) stick up for Vettel. No one pissed and moaned about Senna, Prost, Lauda, Clark or Fangio having the best car. Yes Vettel has the best car, but he maximizes it. Jack Brabham wasn’t as good as Clark/Gurney/Surtees and Hulme wasn’t even as good as Brabham. Even if you think Vettel is third-best driver, he gets a lot closer in talent to Alonso and Hamilton than Hulme was to JC/DG/JS. He deserves what he’s achieved and he rarely has a lucky victory.

  8. JCR, 22 December 2012 11:03

    There is some merit in the first part of your comment DM; however I am at a loss as to why you should by definition rate Denny Hulme as a third rate driver.

    In contemporary times he was not on my ultimate favourite list but I was suffering from the usual early teen syndrome of only liking drivers who were younger. However as time progresses one develops a more rounded understanding of things and I began to appreciate the qualities of all the drivers around.

    Denny was one I began to re-evaluate and it has to be said he was a very fine grand prix driver indeed. I actually think he was better than Jack and did not make mistakes.

    If anyone should doubt Mr Hulme’s ability then watch the early laps of the 1967 German GP where he sits right up the chuffer of Jimmy, and ahead of Dan. Brabham himself was way back down the road incidentally. His leadership of the Mclaren team from ’68 to ’73 was also pretty impressive with many superb drives and wins.

    Also after many years in retirement he came back to drive international Group A cars and in his mid 50′s he was mighty impressive. Tom Walkinshaw was pretty darned impressed with him, and that was a fact.

    Credit to a worthy and underrated world champion; and great driver please!

  9. David-Joe Klotz, 22 December 2012 11:25

    Great podcast and Jody did not shy away from questions. And thank you for asking mine. It is such a pity that none of Jody’s teammates – Hulme, Depailler and Gilles are around today. On Vettel – he remains the only driver to not only have put a Toro Rosso on the front row, but also to have won a podium which was his Italian GP victory and I think it torpedoed Kovaleinen’s career.

  10. Alwyn Keepence, 23 December 2012 22:27

    My favorite line from Jody was the one about developing his peripheral vision.
    Thank you for another great podcast!

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