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Formula 1 Gallery 12

2013 F1 car launches

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12 comments on 2013 F1 car launches

  1. Jimmy Lisle, 2 February 2013 00:30

    Too bad the Lotus still has that stupid looking “Frump”!

  2. Harry Slowey, 2 February 2013 04:11

    Hello from AUSTRALIA, i have just been thinking about
    the Ferrari wind tunnel problem,if it is the wind tunnel
    all the road cars have been built with false readings and
    are out there and not performing as they should ? can we claim from Ferrari ? all the best Harry.

  3. John B, 2 February 2013 04:24

    Ill bet the others do too when they decide not to run the extra weight of the “vanity panel”

  4. Bill, 3 February 2013 12:51

    The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012

    Amazing interviews with red bull key people. Some dubbed them ‘just a drinks company’, but thats not doing those hard working people right.

    Red Bull car launch in about 15 minutes.

  5. Bill, 3 February 2013 14:16

    The new Red Bull makes the McLaren and Ferrari 2013 challengers look like dinosaurs. Incredibly nice!

  6. Bill, 3 February 2013 16:05 pictures of the rb9. It looks like Newey has designed a gearbox the size of a fly. The rear end is unreal, so slim. Like Sauber, the sidepods have dramaticaly decreased in size too.

  7. ba wild, 3 February 2013 23:15

    why lotus (+ othere) are persisting with the stepped nose I cant understand. It smacks of poor design especially comparing with Mclaren or (this year) Ferrari. Last year I assumed the steeped nose was statement to obviously accede to rules but to continue this year just shows lack of idea. I can almost hear the disgust as detractors this, asserting that looks are irrelevent but the phrase “If it looks right, it is right” springs to mind but more correctly in reverse- if it looks wrong, it is.

  8. R.E.B, 5 February 2013 15:27

    I just cannot get used to the unbalanced look of the wings front to rear. The fathead look. Maybe it is time to ban wings altogether?

  9. MB, 5 February 2013 19:01

    Love the new Marussia – surprise package of the season?

  10. Tom C Johnson, 5 February 2013 19:34

    A better looking group of cars compared with 2012.
    That bodes well, I am once more eager for F1. Tom

  11. Bill, 5 February 2013 21:30

    The Marussia looks fab! I like the Caterhams livery too!

  12. Graham Terlouw, 6 February 2013 15:30

    Good to see the “step-down nose” is disappearing – that was a crazy design that was made the worst of a bad situation. Pity about the nose wing – tooooo complicated. Too many bits and pieces. Graham.

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