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The future’s bright

 The futures bright

I couldn’t be more delighted to join Motor Sport magazine at a key point in the magazine’s long history. Under the fresh leadership of my longtime colleague Nigel Roebuck I am sure we will be able to make a fine magazine even better.

As Nigel says, we take pleasure in pursuing the tradition of good writing and forthright journalism laid down in the pages of Motor Sport for many years by Denis Jenkinson. Our mission is to produce the world’s most complete racing magazine. We are committed to maintaining Motor Sport’s fine eye and passion for the history of the sport while sharpening the magazine’s coverage of the contemporary scene. And too, we’ll attempt to be as forward-thinking as possible by examining the technical and philosophical challenges facing the sport in the fast-changing world of the 21st century.

It’s a tremendous pleasure to be part of a magazine with a grand tradition and lofty goals. I’ve always believed that motor racing is about attempting to set extremely high standards and thanks to the new owners of Motor Sport and Nigel’s arrival as editor in chief we have all the necessary tools to drive the magazine into an even healthier, more robust future.

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  1. Alexandre Beirão, 11 February 2008 15:25

    Dear Sirs,
    I first bought MotorSport more than 10 years ago and started subscribing to it around the same time. I still wait anxiously for the arrival of every issue and it continues to be the only magazine that I read from start to finish, completely and without jumping any pages.
    I welcome very much the increase in coverage for modern F1, but only as long as you keep the promise of not reducing the historic content of the magazine. I can read about what is happening in F1 in lots of papers and magazines but MotorSport is unique in the reporting of the History of the Sport (let me keep on calling it this way, please).
    Looking forward to your next issue(s), I remain,
    Yours truly
    Alexandre Beirão

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