Latest Sports Cars podcasts

Attwood, Bell and Tandy podcast, in association with Mercedes-Benz

by Web Editor, October 12th 2017

Le Mans winners, with seven victories between them, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell...

Anthony Davidson: Royal Automobile Talk Show

by Ed Foster, April 10th 2017

Ahead of the Royal Automobile Club’s Tourist Trophy Dinner last month, 2014...

Submit your questions for Andy Wallace and James Weaver

by Ed Foster, February 14th 2017

On Wednesday this week the podcast team is sitting down with Andy Wallace and...

Podcast: Kristensen, Turner, Oliver, Bell, Mat Oxley and Damien Smith

by Ed Foster, June 1st 2016

Last night's Motor Sport Hall of Fame kicked off with a panel discussion on...

Tom Kristensen podcast

by Ed Foster, October 13th 2015

"Born in a gas station," Tom Kristensen had petrol in his veins from an early...

2016 Hall of Fame podcast: the sports car debate

by Ed Foster, August 27th 2015

The sports car category for the 2016 Hall of Fame is now open and, like we did...

David Brabham podcast

by Ed Foster, December 11th 2014

Project Brabham, Le Mans, Formula Ford, Mike Thackwell, Formula 3000, F1, the...

Podcast with Derek Bell

by Ed Foster, September 22nd 2014

Last week the podcast team paid a visit to Pagham on the south coast to see...

Podcast with Wallace and Weaver

by Ed Foster, May 2nd 2014

You never quite know where the conversation will go with these podcasts, but it...

Podcast with Emanuele Pirro

by Ed Foster, March 31st 2014

An hour with Emanuele Pirro was always going to be lively and the five-time Le...

Allan McNish retires

by Alex Harmer, December 17th 2013

Audi has announced that Allan McNish has retired from top-line sports car...

Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood

by Ed Foster, November 9th 2012

On November 8 Dick Lovett hosted a special Ferrari evening in its new showroom...

Audi readers' evening podcast

by Ed Foster, November 17th 2011

On Saturday October 8, Motor Sport hosted a readers’ evening in association...

April's audio podcast with Allan McNish

by Ed Foster, March 31st 2011

These podcasts are coming pretty thick and fast at the moment, but we didn't...

February's audio podcast (part 2) with Brian Redman

by Ed Foster, February 19th 2010

Welcome to part deux of the Motor Sport Hall of Fame audio podcast. As I'm...

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