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Tuesday 28th July 2015



Simon’s snapshots #20

Group 5 International, Donington Park, July 6 1980

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Penske’s greatest years

Penske might be having a banner year, but even this season pales in comparison to five of its best

Caracciola, Rosemeyer, Gurney and Häkkinen

Shining a spotlight on four of our Hall of Fame nominees

How tyres could decide the 2015 MotoGP title

Even with Bridgestone’s control tyres, there are still enough variables to throw a spanner in the works

Classified spotlight: Rondeau M378

A French classic with British engineering and a Le Mans record that will probably never be broken

A dog day afternoon at Watkins Glen

Returning to North America on a high from Le Mans, Corvette Racing came back down to earth at The Glen

The EMKA-Aston in action

This month’s featured track test, in all its noisy glory

IndyCar’s pack racing problem

Rick Mears knows a thing or two about racing Indycars – the series could do worse than listen to him

Discussing IndyCar’s problems

The racing’s still great, but where are the fans?

Henry Surtees Foundation Karting Challenge

HSF continues to do good work both in and out of the motor sport community

What it really takes to race at the Isle of Man

Are TT riders really insane? Or, deep down, are they just as intimidated as the rest of us would be?

Welcome to MotoGP’s controlled electronics era

Is MotoGP’s controlled ECU the way forward or “the biggest bullshit that’s ever happened in the paddock”?

Donegal delivers

Even when dealing with mechanical trouble and indecisive weather, the spirit of the Donegal International Rally couldn’t be dampened

Women in Motorsport Engineering

Audi Sport Team Joest race engineer and three-time Le Mans winner Leena Gade stars at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ panel discussion

Earl Bamber’s road to Le Mans

Bamber’s name might be an obscure one to some. Luckily we’ve got an ex-team-mate writing for us

NASCAR at mid-season

Harvick vs Johnson vs Truex. Can anyone else join in the title fight?

Darren Turner’s Le Mans in pictures

Darren Turner’s Le Mans week, from scrutineering to Sunday afternoon

Donegal delights

Looking ahead to this weekend’s Donegal Rally, a ‘happy’ event with a diverse entry

With Kristensen at Le Mans

Rob Widdows rides along with Tom Kristensen at Le Mans. There can’t be many better passenger laps out there…

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