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Race 20

2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

This podcast is a little bit special. On September 16 we took over a small corner of the Drivers’ Mess at the Goodwood Revival and interviewed anyone who was passing.

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

It just so happened that Eddie Cheever, Arturo Merzario, Martin Brundle, Sir Stirling Moss, Nick Mason, Rauno Aaltonen, Gerhard Berger, Sir Jackie Stewart, Tom Kristensen, Andy Priaulx and Emanuele Pirro passed by when we were there.

As you can imagine, it was an action-packed hour and 20 minutes spent discussing everything from the new BMW DTM machine to why Sir JYS rolled a car, via what Sir Stirling thinks of some of the ‘newer’ cars at the Revival and why Pirro ended up sending a £5000 cheque to Goodwood.

We hope you enjoy it and, as always, let us know what you think about any of the subjects we discuss.

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

race  2011 Goodwood Revival podcast



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20 comments on 2011 Goodwood Revival podcast

  1. Tom, 21 September 2011 10:51

    Great hat! Poor effort by Berger though…

  2. Masta Kink, 21 September 2011 15:53

    ….superb entertainment….as always, the oldies are the best…!

  3. dave cubbedge, 21 September 2011 15:57

    can’t wait to hear this one. I always had a soft spot for Arturo Merzario. I could have bought the side pod bodywork from his eponymous car at the Glen in 1979 for $20! however, I was a starving college student and had already bought a Ligier/Gitanes jacket for $40 and barely had enough money to get back home….

  4. Steven Roy, 21 September 2011 18:29

    What a great combination of people to have in a podcast. The time flew in. Anyone of those people would make a great podcast guest

  5. Richard, 21 September 2011 18:39

    Great podcast, you have excelled yourselves… again.

    Any chance you could increase the running length at all? It often seems like you rush to cram in as much as possible, and I’m sure none of us would mind if they were a bit longer!

  6. Iberian M.P.H., 21 September 2011 20:30

    Cool. Super cool. Seriously cool. Love Berger’s story and everyone else’s stories of course.

  7. Andy Muggeridge, 21 September 2011 21:00

    Absolutely fantastic ! Even better than the Murray Walker podcast.
    The highlights for me were Berger, Kristensen and Pirro – extremely eloquent, entertaining and enthusiastic. All 3 could fill a podcast on their own. Terrific stuff. Many thanks.

  8. DH, 21 September 2011 23:37

    Wonderful! Thank you so.

  9. Max, 22 September 2011 13:20

    Fantastic to have Beger on there, would be great if you could do a future feature or even get him as a guest for a entire pod!?

  10. dave cubbedge, 22 September 2011 15:55

    awesome job guys! thanks to all the guests! brilliant, sir stirling had me laughing out loud!

  11. rob, 22 September 2011 20:57

    Did you really have to bleep out “shit”?


  12. Tony Geran, 23 September 2011 06:06

    Great podcast guys very informative and amusing would echo Max’s sentiments about Berger being a great guest for a future podcast.

  13. C C, 23 September 2011 12:06

    Great Podcast, and i’d echo Richard’s comments above about increasing the running length. The Podcasts tend to be between 60 or 70 minutes in general. I’m guessing there’s a reason for this, but it’d be great if you could get them up to 90 minutes. Its great entertainment as i walk to work on a morning.

    Berger is always good value for money and it’d be good if you could get him in future for a Podcast. Irvine (Love him or hate him) would also be a great guest and stir it up a bit like John Watson did in his Podcast.
    Keep up the great work.

  14. J P, 23 September 2011 17:00

    Great podcast and great entertainment! Thank you for establishing these podcasts on a regular basis. They are a great addition to the magazine.

    I hope that there will be podcasts in the near future with Sir Jacky Steward and Jean Alesi / Gerhard Berger.

    Have a nice weekend and again thank you for the fun behind the speakers ;-)


  15. Graham Brown, 25 September 2011 18:21

    laugh out loud entertainment!

    Once again MotorSport rises to the challenge of surpassing itself with every new podcast.

    many thanks and keep them coming!

  16. Simon Canning, 26 September 2011 06:44

    I’m halfway through this now (had to get off the bus). But every time I download a podcast, it is better than the last. It’s a joy to listen to the drivers, whose respect for the Motor Sport team allows them to drop the traditional defences against journalists and talk with ease.
    I really feel like I should have taken my iPad down the pub, ordered a pint of Directors (hard to find in Aussie climes) and enjoyed it as it should be. In fact, there’s half a podcast to go… Hmmm?

  17. Mario Carneiro Neto, 27 September 2011 01:20

    Gerhard Berger is a champ, even if he isn’t really one. Loved this, loved it!

  18. Alwyn Keepence, 1 October 2011 08:50

    I have to get myself to Goodwood someday!
    A wonderful and entertaining podcast. Listening to the relaxed and modest way the greats discussed their careers, and the laughing and joking added another dimension to their personalities.
    And it was so good for this Austin-Healey enthusiast to hear Rauno Altonen nominate his win on the 1964 Spa-Sophia-Liege as his greatest achievement! His career extended beyond Rallying, too. It may not be widely known in Europe that he also won the Gallaher 500 at Bathurst in 1966 in a Cooper S.

  19. Andrew Brookes, 2 October 2011 22:01

    Gerhard is a great character that’s missing from todays F1. I loved the comment about him hardly ever wearing a tie – evidence he’s not one of todays corporate F1 drivers/bosses. He was my favourite driver and he could have been champion with a bit more luck. After retiring he developed Toro Rosso from a minnow into a team that won a race. That’s not to be underestimated. A book about Gerhard would be the best story ever, I just wish I could be the ghost writer. Gerhard, if you’re reading, call me if you’re interested……

  20. Mark Ellery, 25 November 2011 02:47

    Great to see the comment above regarding Rauno at Bathurst, so underated down under. A wonderful group of characters and I suggest some misleading information spread by the odd pilote. Loved the recognition of vettel for real driving by real drivers not computer androids. The only sad bit is they remind me of what motor racing has lost but thank god for Goodwood. If only it had closed with a low level full throttle minimum altitude Ray Hanna pass in a spitfire.

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