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F1 Opinion Race 49

May’s podcast with Derek Warwick

Straight-talking BRDC president Derek Warwick on current Formula 1, his career, his work for the BRDC and trying to punch Michael Schumacher’s lights out.

Needless to say this was one of our most enjoyable podcasts to date. We hope you agree.

race opinion  Mays podcast with Derek Warwick

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49 comments on May’s podcast with Derek Warwick

  1. Paul Rogerson, 30 April 2012 11:29

    Brilliant podcast! If not the best ever definitely right up there. If only Derek had ironed out Schumacher, may be Schumi would have been a better sportsman.

  2. Nigel (not that one), 30 April 2012 14:30

    Sensational podcast, one of the best so far. I didn’t realise he was still such an active business man.

  3. Rich Ambroson, 30 April 2012 20:50

    I’m in the middle of enjoying this right now, and so far have particularly enjoyed hearing Derek describe how much (and why) he loves Le Mans.

    Also got a nice smile when he joked about the worst car(s) he’s driven.

  4. rob widdows, 1 May 2012 13:26

    Glad you enjoyed it guys. We will try to keep them coming.
    Yes, the Le Mans comments are great, I agree, and interesting that he enoyed sports cars so much.
    Next one should be coming up towards the end of this month.

  5. Dean Stewart, 1 May 2012 21:11

    A fantastic listen – I could easily have listened to Derek for a couple more hours. Many laugh out loud moments which must have made my fellow commuters wonder what I was listening to !

  6. Tony Geran, 2 May 2012 00:15

    These podcasts keep getting better just over half way through this one which I will finish on my commute home. Very funny and brave guy. Keep up the great work guys.

  7. rob widdows, 2 May 2012 11:19

    Yes, reading or listening in public spaces can sometimes be perplexing to those around us. I do remember reading Perry McCarthy’s very funny book ‘Flat out, Flat broke’ on a cross-channel ferry and was laughing so much I had to go and sit on deck so as not to disturb people around me. If you haven’t read Perry’s book, I urge you to do so.
    Next podcast is in the planning stage.

  8. Andrew Scoley, 2 May 2012 13:39

    I think the BRDC has a very good man in Derek Warwick. Obviously not a great fan of our Noige, and also not very impressed with a certain driver judge at the GPs! His acceptance of his lot despite some decisions which in hindsight were not great was very admirable.
    A thoroughly entertaining hour.

  9. Chris Wright, 3 May 2012 01:09

    It’s quite a summit, given the fantastic podcasts we’ve been enjoying for some time now, but this one was right up there with my other personal favourite – the Redman/Andretti special.

    Derek clearly has an extremely down to earth view of the sport, not least because it has bitten him badly on more than one occasion.

    He is completely aware of what is special about F1 and one can only wish that the administration of the top flight was being run with the same degree of common sense that runs through the BRDC these days.

  10. John Read, 3 May 2012 02:46

    Great stuff. Derek sounds like such a good bloke, I could even imagine him as an Aussie!

  11. mike chapple, 3 May 2012 10:55

    I always enjoy the podcasts

  12. Rich Ambroson, 3 May 2012 15:03

    Wow, John Read… coming from you that’s the highest of praise, indeed!

  13. David Hock, 3 May 2012 18:17

    What a joy and breath of fresh air to hear amidst corporate-speak days. BRDC lucky indeed. Only wish he had the more wide ranging influence of the BE position.

  14. Steve Taylor, 3 May 2012 20:54

    As I sit here downloading the latest two podcasts I am reading the reviews. Derek Bell’s February chat was great but the best so far was Murray Walker. He always exceeds expectations. If I am as aware as he is when I’m 88?? odd then I’ll be very happy. I look forward to Mr Warwick’s podcast with great anticipation.

  15. John Read, 3 May 2012 22:34

    Yes Rich but I hope he has a middle name like Bruce or Jack because Derek really does not fit the Aussie image….

  16. Masta Kink, 4 May 2012 07:13

    ..the funniest yet…great entertainment….the Monza accident…trying to flatten Schuey….had me in stitches….and you saved the best question till last about the Lotus drive with Senna… all proves that retired racing drivers are always the most interesting to interview…..great stuff…

  17. A.S. Gilbert, 4 May 2012 14:36

    In agreement with all here, cracking good podcast.
    Rated Derek Warwick highly from F3 onward, professionally and personally. This fully reinforces the opinion.
    Do recall a reported early 80′s dust up between two nameless British F1 shoes in Montreal. Implications were NIgel (that one) and, I reckoned, Brian Henton.
    Upon hearing this I do wonder, again ! Schumacher’s “remedial”, pretty amusing on this end.
    Derek, I really was tugged in ’84 at Rio when the Renault pulled off, and years later in soggy Montreal with the Arrows. You really earned having that one.
    BDRC’s in very good hands and maybe in future, a more international role should have this steerage.
    Full plate Derek, you’ve earned it well.

  18. Martin Lyons, 5 May 2012 08:06

    This is the best podcast yet. I had tears of laughter rolling down my face with the stories of Monza, the days of Superstocks & the highlight, the Schumacher “incident”! Please Derek make your autobiography a priority: if this podcast is anything to go by, it will be a best seller!

  19. richard mcconnell, 6 May 2012 10:17

    As Derek said about the jag xj14, faaannntastic!

  20. Andy Muggeridge, 6 May 2012 11:44

    Agree with everyone else. Absolutely terrific stuff. Throughly entertaining from start to finish. The story about Schumacher was brilliant. 10/10.

  21. Simon Hird, 9 May 2012 21:24

    Really good listen. Now you have had ‘Wattie’, Dereks Bell and Warwick, the only one missing from the “Track Torque 4″ is Mike Earle….

  22. Simon Hird, 9 May 2012 21:28

    What Derek did not explain is how he got “The Belgrano” up to second place at Brands in 1982….. Couldn’t believe my eyes at the time nor my memory now…

  23. Brooks, 10 May 2012 01:13

    A great podcast, as always, with a terrific bloke! He sounds like a very happy man, which is, after all, the point of life!

  24. Grant Hosking, 10 May 2012 03:55

    A fantastic podcast. One of the best so far .What a joy to listen to. Thanks guys for such an entertaining hour and a bit. I think we all would enjoy Derek Warwicks book, so lets hope he writes it. Thanks again.

  25. Phil, 11 May 2012 00:33

    What a sensational Podcast, thoroughly enjoyed the way Derek answered all questions by giving context and background. I could have listened to another 2 hours at least! Looking forward to Derek’s book whenever it will be released!

  26. Joe in Atlanta, USA, 11 May 2012 20:29

    Absolutely brilliant. Very interesting and humorous. I thought Derek might have mentioned his crash in the Arrows in Montreal in 1988 (where his Arrows became airborne at the final chicane) but he did mention almost winning in 1989. I took a picture of his car while leading in the rain but I digress… Also worst cars – what about the Lotus with the Lambo engine… as I remember it had the torsional rigidity of a sponge!

  27. john miller, 15 May 2012 16:02

    The best ever podcast by a country mile.

    What a great bloke!

  28. N.K.MANLEY, 18 May 2012 20:40


  29. Richard Dawson, 21 May 2012 10:27

    Best yet, definitely. Can’t they go on for longer or do you have any out takes?

  30. Ed Foster, 21 May 2012 10:58

    Hi Richard,

    Sadly no outtakes. We try not to edit any of the recording and everything that’s said makes it into the final cut.

    We have thought about running them for longer, but it’s perhaps too much to ask to keep some of the guests talking solidly for more than that! They’re pretty shattered when we finish as it is…

    Hope you’re enjoying them regardless.


  31. George O'Sullivan, 21 May 2012 13:41

    A terrific hour, Its great to see to passion from Derek on the balance of F1,

    I would love to see a mind like that take over Bernie’s role, We all know it will be even more of a dog’s dinner when he’s gone, The groups manufacturer or otherwise will take the greed to a new level and jam the fan base as always,

    We need documentary’s on guy’s like Derek not just Senna, the stories are solid gold.

    (An avid F1 fan since the 70′s)

  32. Rich Ambroson, 21 May 2012 18:51

    Ed, I for one am very much enjoying these podcasts. I’m not one to buy into ALL the hype regarding the internet, but this is an example of how the technology is being put to use in a truly entertaining and informative manner.

    Fantastic work by you and all the team at MotorSport!

  33. Brendan Kelly, 22 May 2012 09:13

    Chaps, that was a thoroughly entertaining and insightful podcast. Derek’s book would – for many inside and outside the sport – be a remarkable and entertaining read. If only he had followed Schlesser’s indtructions!! Thanks once again to all at Motorsport, the podcasts get better and better.


  34. Alwyn Keepence, 26 May 2012 10:03

    I came to this podcast a bit late but I’m glad I finally made it. The best yet is a big claim because they have all been great entertainment! I said “G’day” to Derek at Bathurst in 1999 & I later thought I should have had my copy of Motor Sport with the report of that Monza incident with me to ask for Derek’s autograph. I also reckon Derek is an all right name for an honorary Aussie!

  35. Chris Gray, 28 May 2012 13:49

    What a gem! Wonderful, down to earth, straight shooter who can tell a good story. Very refreshing insights on a wide range of very relevant topics. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  36. Peter Devine, 29 May 2012 18:02

    Podcasts keep getting better and better!! The latest with Derek Warwick was fabulous, frank as ever. I also particularily enjoy the dry humour that pervades each discussion (Rob’s the main culprit here, I’d say!). Can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great work!

  37. Nigel (not that one), 4 June 2012 11:39

    When are we getting our next ‘fix’ lads? I’m getting twitchy :)

  38. jose, 6 June 2012 09:59

    it was bernoldi, but he was not being lapped. He was fighting for position. And he was bullied by ron dennis and the fat guy from mercedes. He finished his career right there. Shame.

  39. Jon, 7 June 2012 12:15

    Great podcast but I listened to it at the end of April and now its early June – it seems like a lifetime ago! When’s the next one being published? Need my fix :-)

  40. Ed Foster, 7 June 2012 13:13

    Dear all,

    There’ll be a podcast out on June 14… We’re heading into the world of MotoGP. More details next week!


  41. Steve Hatcher, 7 June 2012 16:02

    Informative, incisive, amusing,direct,entertianing and invariably bang on the nail – Derek Warwick’s candour is so refreshing – great podcast !

  42. Eddie Hill, 7 June 2012 20:15

    This is by far the funniest podcast so far. I’ve already had ten laugh-out-loud moments and I’m only half-way through. What a raconteur that man is. I’ve also noticed that, since I’ve been reading your mag and listening to the podcasts, every single mention of Eddie Jordan has been adverse. Is this a record?

  43. Nigel (not that one), 7 June 2012 20:32

    Excellent, can’t wait!

  44. Tony Geran, 8 June 2012 03:31

    Fantastic Ed, one question where can we send our questions on these podcasts? Do we have to be “Twitts” in order to do so?

  45. Ed Foster, 8 June 2012 08:27

    Hi Tony – I’ll put a post up online today.

    It’ll be with Mr Straight-talking Cal Crutchlow and we’ve even changed the line-up our end… Step in Isle of Man TT winner Mat Oxley!

    Really looking forward to this one.


  46. Rich Ambroson, 8 June 2012 23:18

    OOOOOhhhh, really looking forward to a ‘cast about the ‘bikes! Thanks for all the great work Ed, and all the others busting tail to get this out for us to enjoy!

  47. Lee Williams, 14 June 2012 00:19

    Excellent! Derek sounds like a very funny, intelligent, bloke’s bloke – really hope he has great success with the BRDC. Recall cheering with joy when Grandstand switched to Canada 89 with Murray announcing Derek in the lead…so frustrated when Senna caught him and then Derek went out…should have won! Just wish he’d won Grand Prix. Derek is not given enough credit for the backhanded compliment Senna gave him in 86.

  48. stuart branch, 14 June 2012 19:30

    i have always been a derek warwick fan listening to this podcast i realize why . fantastic the book is a must

  49. Pat Kenny, 18 June 2012 23:06

    Great podcast, such an inspirational man. Derek should certainly write that book. Best of luck to him in his time at the helm of the BRDC.

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