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June’s podcast with Cal Crutchlow

It was up to Silverstone for our latest podcast to see MotoGP Tech 3 Yamaha rider Cal Crutchlow.

There were also a few changes to the usual Motor Sport team as our ‘bike writer Mat Oxley joined Rob Widdows and Ed Foster to chat to the 2009 World Supersport Champion.

motogp  Junes podcast with Cal Crutchlow

As always – let us know what you think. We’re pretty sure you’ll find Cal a refreshing change to the corporate world of Formula 1…

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13 comments on June’s podcast with Cal Crutchlow

  1. Armando, 14 June 2012 15:51

    I’m so glad that you interviewed a rider on this occasion.
    I wish you had more articles about the motorcycling world.
    I really like your magazine. Congratulations!
    Puebla, Mexico

  2. Nigel (not that one), 14 June 2012 16:16

    Good podcast, nice to hear a bit from a biker and Cals a pretty straight talker. Would have liked to hear a Moto GP fan asking a few questions though, maybe dig a little deeper but it was a good listen.

  3. Jim "Wisemaker" St. George, 15 June 2012 03:17

    You outdid yourselves this time!

    Put a microphone in front of Cal Crutchlow as often as possible. I’m a huge fan of your podcasts. I’m sure that the next one, from Goodwood, will be just as good as last year’s, just as good as the past couple of months. Thanks, so much!

  4. rob widdows, 15 June 2012 12:45

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the chat with Crutchlow.
    I am a Moto GP fan……………..! And so is Mat Oxley, the magazine’s motorcycle writer and who covers all the Moto GP races. We did try to get Cal to get into some depth, on CRT and on the current bikes, but he wasn’t going to be drawn into anything controversial.
    We will certainly be keeping abreast of what happens in Moto GP and Mat will no doubt be writing about the British GP, and the debate over CRT.

  5. Ed Foster, 15 June 2012 13:07

    Thanks Rob! Am a pretty big MotoGP fan as well!


  6. Nigel (not that one), 18 June 2012 10:25

    Sorry guys, no offence! :P

  7. rob widdows, 18 June 2012 12:28

    Sorry Ed! No offence. (Our website Editor Ed Foster was of course on the podcast. We are all Moto GP fans).
    You only had to watch the racing at Silverstone to know why.
    Cal’s performance on Sunday afternoon surely said everything that needs to be said about this man. Simply extraordinary, a sporting occasion that will live long in the memory. Not only that, his lap times would have put him on the podium had he started higher up the grid.
    Talk about guts and courage.

  8. N. Weingart, 19 June 2012 17:45

    Super interview, Cal is a top notch bloke and his brave ride at Silverstone was fitting for a rider from the Isle.

  9. Dharmash, 20 June 2012 04:28

    RSS feed? So I can listen while doing the washing up! Thanks!

  10. Luke Ward, 3 July 2012 20:43

    Love the podcast! Would you be able to set it up with Apple/iTunes so that we could simply subscribe to it and have it automatically download?

  11. Ed Foster, 3 July 2012 21:03

    Hi Luke,

    All the podcasts are on iTunes. Just search for motor sport (two words) magazine and you’ll see it.


  12. ray watkin, 29 July 2012 14:09

    42yrs, cover to cover just gets about some past letters from europe…. now and again. many thanks.

  13. ray watkin, 29 July 2012 14:14

    cal has got a big pair. hope he goes all the way .

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