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Predictions for 2013

Some of you may remember that in 2010 and 2011 my colleague Rob Widdows wrote a list of predictions for the year ahead. He may have joked that they were perhaps not the most reliable, but a quick glance at his 2011 effort will no doubt put a smile on his face.

‘Audi will win Le Mans.’ It did, but only just.

‘Red Bull will start the season winning Grands Prix.’ Don’t think anyone could argue with that.

race  Predictions for 2013

‘Rubens Barrichello will retire at the end of 2011.’ Retire no, but leave Formula 1, yes.

‘Paul di Resta will impress in the Force India.’ He did, but not enough to tempt McLaren last year.

‘Ferrari will threaten to leave Grand Prix racing if the rules for 2013 are not changed to accommodate a V6 turbo engine.’ The ‘Ferrari will threaten to leave F1’ is a pretty safe bet, but in 12 months time F1 cars will take to the track with V6 turbos, just as predicted.

We’ll brush over the ‘Rossi will win a race for Ducati’.

With his hand still recovering from the latest operation I have, for better or worse, decided to have a go at some 2013 predictions. In no particular order:

1. Lewis Hamilton will win more than one race for Mercedes-Benz.

2. Ferrari will also be competitive and Alonso will win the drivers’ championship.

3. Esteban Gutiérrez will impress in the Sauber, as will Valtteri Bottas in the Williams.

4. Rumours of Felipe Massa’s replacement will start as early as July. Names mentioned will include Robert Kubica, Nico Hülkenberg and Jules Bianchi. Oh, and probably Sebastian Vettel.

5. Bernie Ecclestone will ‘step’ aside and a committee will run his position.

6. Sébastien Loeb will win all four rounds of the World Rally Championship that he competes in.

race  Predictions for 2013

7. Volkswagen will win the constructors battle. Sébastien Ogier will win the drivers’ championship.

8. By the end of the year the lack of TV coverage for the Monte Carlo Rally in Britain will be long forgotten and we will be talking about ‘the WRC revival’. News will break of another manufacturer entering the championship in 2015.

9. Jorge Lorenzo will be faster than Rossi for the majority of the year in MotoGP and will win his third championship.

10. MotoGP rookie Marc Marquez will win a race or races.

11. Audi will win Le Mans, but Toyota will finish on the same lap. (Bit precise perhaps…)

Please don’t put money on any of these happening…

race  Predictions for 2013

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19 comments on Predictions for 2013

  1. Daryl McGrath, 25 January 2013 10:21

    Re #9, I fancy Pedrosa for the title. I’ll stick my neck out further and go Marquez as a darkhorse. Wouldn’t that be something…

    #11, Toyota for me. I know they haven’t proved 24hr reliability yet but then they weren’t even meant to be racing in 2012 and for an unprepared team, did rather well!!

  2. Ed Foster, 25 January 2013 10:27


    I really do think Marquez will be something special, but I wonder whether you could handle the pressure of a title this year? He probably will!

    Yes, I think Toyota will be a real threat, but Peugeot only managed to beat Audi at Le Mans on one occasion. And they were pretty special.


  3. Daryl McGrath, 25 January 2013 10:39


    I think MM can handle it. As long as he doesn’t do a Lorenzo in his first year and think after 3 races that ‘this is too easy’ before the bike decides to put him in his place by spitting him off big style and breaking him up a bit, I genuinely think he can do it. The Honda should be the best bike still which could bring it down to a two horse race between him and Ped.

    I’ll have a fiver with you on Toyota!!


  4. John B, 25 January 2013 11:10

    I’ll make a big call. I think Massa is more likely to win a GP this year than Hamilton!

  5. Ed Foster, 25 January 2013 11:14

    John B – that’s IS a big call! If the Massa of the 2nd half of 2012 turns up then he may well win races this year. He apparently saw a sports psychologist mid-last year and that’s what contributed to his better performances. Time will tell.

    Daryl – a journalist putting their money where their mouth is? Oh, go on then… £5 says Audi will win Le Mans. That offer is only open to you… anymore and I’ll be working off the debt for months!


  6. Daryl McGrath, 25 January 2013 11:50


    You’re on! Speak to you one way or another in June.


  7. Ed Foster, 25 January 2013 11:53

    Yep – drop me an email at when Audi have won…


  8. N. Weingart, 25 January 2013 15:43

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely year Ed! Although Mr. Ecclestone’s reign might well end in a different way every other prediction seems to me to be spot on.

  9. Magnus H, 25 January 2013 18:47

    No, Lewis will not win single race in 2013.

    Bernie will only step back if he has a serious health problem.

    Otherwise I think your predictions are plausible, Mr. Foster.

  10. Bill, 25 January 2013 19:04

    Wow, july? You really have a lot of faith in Massa. In 2012 I think the first rumours started in april?

    I usually wait with predictions until the first F1 test has finished. Or the picture of Newey’s latest creation. Last year I predicted another title for Vettel. This year I think with McLaren completely taken over by Button, Jenson might be in a shot at the title. Even if Im a tifosi at heart, Ive lost all faith in Domenicali as team leader. To many times he says Ferrari is restructuring. With the windtunnel out for months, and a new factory not online for another 2 years I seriously doubt Ferrari cwill challenge for a title.

    Okay, one more bold prediction: If Ferrari fails to produce a good car, Alonso will never be able to reproduce 2012, and will leave the team at the end of the season to take Webbers seat next to Vettel.

  11. PeteH, 25 January 2013 19:30

    Bill, re. your last.

    I could see a Vettel – Alonso swap for ’14…

  12. Bill, 25 January 2013 19:48

    @ Pete:

    I think you can accuse Vettel of a lot of things, but he aint stupid. Why would he leave Newey? I also think hed be quite open to Alonso moving into the team, and show who comes on top. Personally, I think tehre is very little between them.

    One rumour goes around in Italian newspapers: that Horner is being poached by Ferrari boardmembers, to lure him, Newey and Vettel to Maranello in a monster move. But since Ed Foster is fluent in Italian, perhaps he can shed a better light on that. :)

  13. PeteH, 26 January 2013 00:54

    Bill; logic and F1 moves? Since when did they work together?

    In all seriousness, stranger things have happened. Like LH moving to Mercedes.

  14. Bill, 26 January 2013 04:45

    Ha, doesnt that say more about Hamiltons brain capacity than F1 in general?

    The 2012 McLaren was a match for the Newey Red Bull, and what did our rapper/driver do? Leave McLaren. He also antagonised Red Bull by saying its just a drinks company.

    At this moment, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren all say they move on without Hamilton.

    No, I dont think Vettel is likewise. He is well liked within Red Bull, and no reason to move to Ferrari in the immediate future at all. I think its also a sign that the big teams all say they dont want Hamilton.

  15. PeteH, 26 January 2013 12:22

    Vettel being open to Alonso being in the same team is quite a different matter to Alonso being open to Vettel in the same team.

    I do see Vettel moving to a diffent team at some stage though, and if it’s ferrari I don’t see Alonso hanging around.

  16. Listerine, 26 January 2013 13:39


  17. Bill, 26 January 2013 17:20

    Im not so sure about that. Massa didnt move over at Melbourne and Malaysia 2010 for Alonso neither, and yet it was probably Alonso who told Montezemolo to keep Massa. Alonso has also amtured and proved amny times over he is the top dog in F1. He looks and sounds very relaxed.

    Vettel gets roundly beaten at times by Webber, and yet he never vetos the extension of marks contract neither. I also think that Vettel will be much more relaxed with 3 titles under his belt, and rewrote many record books. He has nothing to prove anymore. I can see Alonso and Vettel in one team.

    The only thing stopping such a marriage, are their respective team bosses. :)

  18. Tony Geran, 28 January 2013 08:04


    Don’t agree about Gutierrrez but think that “Mad Donald” will get shown up by Bottas.

    I think Moto GP will be between Lorenzo and Pedrosa with the Honda rider pipping him. Agree that Marquez will be a star but maybe champ next year. Rossi to retire at the end of this year.

    Ecclestone will be carried out of his job feet first, can never see him stepping down unless he ends up in a German prison.

    Alonso should win the F1 title this year and Rosberg will be blown out of F1 – or at least Mercedes- by Hamilton. Massa to be more competitive and retain his Ferrari drive in 2014.

    Finally as an Aussie have to wish for Helmut Marko eating his words about Webber at the end of this year.

  19. Listerine, 29 January 2013 00:53

    You’re not the first, Tony, to wonder aloud at the thought of Mr E enjoying extended hospitality in the Bundesrepublik, but the question is: what might put him there? He himself has laughed at the suggestion that he needs to worry about being implicated in the alleged corruption scandal there, but perhaps he needs to worry a bit more about angry German F1 fans (not to mention German MotoGP fans) chucking him into Nurburg Castle’s dungeons and throwing away the key. And who could blame them? Having royally messed around with their diary arrangements for July, when he was well aware that the German GP (F1, that is) was on shaky ground already, he has casually announced today that the result of his incompetent meddling is quite possibly the end of the road for yet another of the sport’s most historic events, and, beggaring belief, a gaping two-month hole in F1′s European summer schedule filled only by a trip to that stirring venue, the Hungaroring. Truly, Bernie’s finest hour yet.

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