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Monday 22nd December 2014



Brian Lister, 1926-2014

The founder of Lister Cars has died aged 88

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Andretti vs Foyt & Petty

What made the difference in 1967′s ‘Driver of the Year’ voting

Simon’s snapshots #12

British Open Single Seater
Championship, Oulton Park,
October 2 1976

Can-Am’s glory days

Looking back on the heyday of one of history’s best-loved racing series

Penske behind the wheel

The team owner’s remarkable record as a driver in the 1960s

Mechanics’ tales: Paul Haigh

From a Ford garage to technical director of United Autosports

London to Mexico, 1970

Footage from the 1970 World Cup Rally, won by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm

Racing’s greatest generation

The heroes of the 1960s and why their like may never be seen again

Tambay and Haas

A look back at one of Can-Am’s most successful relationships

Simon’s snapshots #10

Formula Atlantic, Mallory
Park, July 12 1981

Andretti’s 1984 title

Looking back at a hard-fought championship with Newman/Haas

The Vanderbilt Cup

A look back at American motor racing’s formative years

Crossover circuits

Looking back at the history of Suzuka-style over-under race tracks

Simon’s snapshots #9

BSCC, Oulton Park, April 17 1981

Podcast with Derek Bell

Rob Widdows and Nigel Roebuck pay a visit to the home of five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell

Penske’s greatest seasons

How one of America’s greatest teams rose to prominence and dominated US racing

Mechanics’ tales: Royce Calder

Memories of West Surrey Racing and Nigel Mansell in the BTCC

Happy birthday Stirling

Why, at the age of 85, Stirling Moss still means so much to motor sport

Formula E: an old concept

Electric racing in its formative days in the 1890s and today

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