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Tuesday 1st December 2015



From the Archive – Nilsson, Laffite, Bellof and more

The big stories from this week in motor sport history, featuring Bellof, Nilsson, Laffite and more

Most recent

Great racing cars: 1990 Mercedes-Benz C11

Jochen Mass and David Price talk about the car that gave the world Michael Schumacher

Great racing cars: Porsche 956 & 962

Porsche was dominating sports car racing 30 years ago with the 956 and its 962 evolution. Here’s what the drivers had to say

Trans-Am’s greatest days

Looking back at the glory days of one of America’s great championships

Track Torque with Sir Stirling Moss, part two

The second instalment of Mike Lawrence’s interview with Mr Motor Racing

Great racing cars: 1954-55 Mercedes-Benz W196

Sergio Rinland on “the ultimate F1 car” that took Fangio to two world titles

Classified spotlight: Lancia Stratos HF Stradale

Lancia’s rally-bred ’70s icon, available from our online classified section

Friday flashback: 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours

Twenty years before Pilet and Tandy pulled off their Petit Le Mans upset, the same was happening at Le Mans

The greatest racing reference book

Finally coming into possession of one of the greatest works of racing research ever

Jim Hall and his Chaparrals

A look back at the career of one of the sport’s great innovators

The story of Million Dollar Bill

How NASCAR’s most popular driver cemented his legacy after only two full seasons at the top level

Track Torque with Sir Stirling Moss

Mike Lawrence interviewed Stirling Moss – or ‘God’ as he referred to him – for the Track Torque show in 1980

Will Yamaha choose its champion?

Could Yamaha favour one rider over the other? History suggests it might

Stirling Moss on 1955

Moss talks about his brilliant season with Mercedes-Benz

Your opinion: The National Motor Museum

Is the National Motor Museum worthy of the name? Or is it as excellent as the reviews say it is?

New series – from the audio archive

Dusting off the tapes from Track Torque, a 35-year-old precursor to the Motor Sport podcast

Classified spotlight: Aston Martin DBR9

A modern day GT classic with Le Mans-winning pedigree

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans

A new documentary about one of the great racing movies – and the man who drove the project with such zeal

Simon’s snapshots #20

Group 5 International, Donington Park, July 6 1980

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