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Wednesday 1st July 2015


Sports Cars

Earl Bamber’s road to Le Mans

Bamber’s name might be an obscure one to some. Luckily we’ve got an ex-team-mate writing for us

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Darren Turner’s Le Mans in pictures

Darren Turner’s Le Mans week, from scrutineering to Sunday afternoon

With Kristensen at Le Mans

Rob Widdows rides along with Tom Kristensen at Le Mans. There can’t be many better passenger laps out there…

The quintessential Le Mans

Becoming a five-time class winner with a perfect 24-hour performance from Corvette Racing

Toyota vs Nissan at Le Mans

Which manufacturer had the better Le Mans? The answer’s not as clear-cut as the race results suggest

Porsche wins Le Mans

Porsche bests Audi, with Earl Bamber, Nico Hülkenberg and Nick Tandy taking top honours in LMP1

Down, but not out

The Corvette team soldiers on, even with the loss of one of its cars after Jan Magnussen’s throttle stuck open

Derek Bell celebrates his first win at Le Mans

It’s been 40 years since Britain’s most decorated 24-hour racer started his winning ways

My Le Mans memories

Looking back at the biggest successes and failures over the last 20 years

Completing his father’s dream

Mitch Evans’ Le Mans debut is not the first time his family has been close to the 24-hour race.

Le Mans history to be re-lived at Dijon

Held concurrently with the 24 Hours, Dijon’s Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or promises to be a feast for the eyes and ears

Jarvis ready for Le Mans

A Q&A with Oliver Jarvis, who’s filling Tom Kristensen’s well-worn shoes at Audi

Le Mans experiences

Widdows looks back on his first two times at Le Mans, during very different eras

My first Le Mans

From unfancied underdog to genuine threat, from the barriers to the podium

Building up to Le Mans

Darren Turner looks ahead to Le Mans after difficult races at Spa and the Nürburgring.

Stirling Moss revists the 1955 Mille Miglia

Moss on his famous 1955 win and what Denis Jenkinson was like.

Racing back-to-back

Back and forth across the Atlantic for rounds of two different championships where all did not go to plan

Reliving the Mille Miglia

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the win with Moss and Mercedes

1955 flashback: The Mille Miglia live

Follow Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson live as they try and win the 1955 Mille Miglia

Sports Cars photo galleries

Motor Sport on Sports Cars

In 1955 Motor Sport‘s Continental Correspondent Denis Jenkinson partnered the great Stirling Moss in the Mille Miglia and won the event. It’s an achievement that both Sir Stirling and Motor Sport have remained immensely proud of. Nowadays our sports car coverage may not be written from the passenger seat of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, but it comes from the front line of the new World Endurance Championship and other sports car series around the world.