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April’s audio podcast with Allan McNish

These podcasts are coming pretty thick and fast at the moment, but we didn’t want to hang on to this one for too long, especially since Allan was on such good form.

sports cars  Aprils audio podcast with Allan McNish

On Tuesday March 29 when we recorded it he had spent the past nine hours in a film studio recording a three-minute clip for an Audi advert. When he made it to the Motor Sport offices we couldn’t believe he even wanted to do the podcast and we definitely didn’t think he would be as lively as he was. So thank you Allan!

sports cars  Aprils audio podcast with Allan McNish

As always, we hope you enjoy it – we certainly did – and do let us know what you think.

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20 comments on April’s audio podcast with Allan McNish

  1. Mario Carneiro Neto, 1 April 2011 04:16

    Delightful! Absolutely great podcast, as I have grown to expect from the MotorSport team. Allan is such a nice guy, and it was great to hear his stories, especially his Dindo Capello tales. Like someone had said before, Allan is proof that some of the world’s best drivers are happily (& thankfully) away from F1.

    It’s my dream to see a WSC going again, with Sebring and LeMans as real FIA sanctioned events. Some of Allan’s stories about Audi and even the little windows we got into the competition shows that Le Mans really is where it’s at in terms of Manufacturer/Team/Organizer co-operation. I was surprised at Allan’s surprise at Dr. Piech being interested in the race. Did he not know (or remember) that Dr. Piech is responsible, among other things, for the wonderful & legendary Porsche 917?? Of course he’s a fan of Le Mans! Also it was nice to hear – even though he didn’t mention it by name – that Allan was a fan of the Group C monsters. I’m so glad to see closed cockpits back in the top level of Endurance racing. I hope they become standard.

    Great podcast, gents. Absolutely great!

  2. Iberian M.P.H., 2 April 2011 11:23

    Allan’s a nice chap, good stuff. Always wanted to go to Le Mans 24 Hours but will have to make do with Le Mans Series in Estoril this year.

    Indeed, who’s the president of Dindo’s fan club? Can’t help but feel that the new teams in F1 are just making up the numbers, like Toyota did in 2002. Very true & must be pretty depressive for the drivers.

  3. Andy Muggeridge, 2 April 2011 19:19

    Another brilliant podcast. Allan is always a great raconteur and a true sportscar legend.
    If Dario is a worthy Hall of Famer then surely Allan is as well.
    Good luck to Allan, Dindo and Tom at Le Mans. I’ll be there rooting for them !

  4. Masta Kink, 4 April 2011 12:06

    Great podcast as always…fascinating insight into the world of sportscars…any chance you might video the podcasts in future now that you seem to be set up for video……?

  5. James Ash, 4 April 2011 12:49

    Ah – Monday just got a lot more bearable. Many thanks as always chaps! Can’t wait to listen to this on the way home!

  6. Ed Foster, 4 April 2011 15:03

    Masta Kink,

    We have thought about filming the podcasts, but we did ask ourselves – who wants to watch an hour of five people sat round a table chatting?

    It would be great to include some onboard footage with it, but that all costs money, and lots of it!

    However, if there are enough people who want it, I’m sure we can press the record button…


  7. Masta Kink, 4 April 2011 15:26

    Thanks Ed…but we already happily spend an hour just listening to five people sat round a table chatting, so actually viewing it would be doubly pleasurable…..!

  8. Nick Marsh, 4 April 2011 20:48


    I think most of us here probably *would* be quite happy watching five blokes sitting around talking about motor sport…

    …but videoing the poddies would mean *at least* two cameras, lots of editing – and vastly increased file sizes.


  9. john read, 5 April 2011 00:17

    I say leave the podcasts as they are because we can ‘multi-task’ whilst listening without having to watch. E.g. tidy my desk.

  10. Michael S, 6 April 2011 13:36

    Must be Scottish appreciation month… perhaps next month we will hear from DC and Sir Jackie?! HA!

  11. dans, 7 April 2011 14:34

    Its not a podcast unless you have an rss feed to deliver the content!

  12. Ed Foster, 8 April 2011 08:32


    Never heard that one before! Thought podcasts were podcasts if they were audio files that were downloadable from the Internet… That was what the general consensus at Apple HQ was anyway!


  13. Steven Roy, 8 April 2011 17:54

    I think Allan is probably the president of the Dindo fan club. I have heard him try to boost Dindo’s reputation a few times but sadly despite all his achievements Dindo is destined to always be under-rated.

    As ever Allan is great value. I am not surprised the drivers did not remember much of what made the video because they spend so much time being videoed and answering questions that it would be impossible to remember all of it.

    @Ed Foster

    You need to learn a lot more about internet broadcasting if you think people won’t watch 5 people talking. There are successful businesses that exist to do nothing more than stream video of people talking. As we move away from broadcast TV to much more diverse internet broadcasting there is going to be a great demand for specialist programming of the type Motorsport could make.

  14. Tony Geran, 9 April 2011 03:42

    Great podcast guys just listened to it yesterday made a 4 hour flight from Perth to Sydney bearable. Where can I get a copy of the Le Mans film about Audi’s win last year? Am a big Audi fan, have two A4′s in my garage.

  15. Graham Brown, 9 April 2011 12:00

    Huge thanks for two terrific podcasts from two accomplished, articulate and massively entertaining fellow Scots, and best of luck to them in their 2011 endeavours and beyond.
    I’m with the JYS suggestion_maybe a two-parter required?!!
    Keep them coming MotorSport and thanks again….

  16. Hoot, 27 April 2011 03:37

    Wonderful! Thank you.
    And if you’re taking votes, yes, a video would be more icing on the cake.

  17. Hoot, 2 May 2011 04:08

    footnote to my above vote for video… I just watched Peter Windsor’s FlyingLap session 16 interview with Brian Redman. Fine example of how one can watch a couple of folks talking for an hour. As I said, simply icing on the cake as you all are far and away the best.

  18. Steve, 7 May 2011 05:09

    Hi Ed. Actually, dans is stating it a bit strongly, but an RSS feed *would *be very helpful for many people. Apple might well want everyone to use iTunes, but many people (especially certain of us geeks) would rather not and an RSS feed lets you easily subscribe without it.

    Thanks for the amazing podcasts, though! We’re starting to download them manually (which is a pain — hence the desire for an RSS feed) and really enjoyed the “best of” CD!


  19. Tootfalusi, 9 June 2011 11:32

    Great stuff but I don’t use iTunes; selection and filtering would be so much easier through an RSS feed subscription.

  20. Colin McArthur, 30 June 2011 15:51

    Those of us in the US that follow international motorsport thank you for these great podcasts. Thankfully both Allen & Rocky were not seriously hurt and kudo’s to Audi for pulling off the win during a difficult 24 hrs.

    Great podcast as was the one with Dario.

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