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Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood

On November 8 Dick Lovett hosted a special Ferrari evening in its new showroom just outside Swindon. We say showroom, but really it’s a Ferrari mecca.

sports cars  Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood

As well as Peter Lovett talking to the crowd about how the dealership started, I sat down with David Piper and Richard Attwood to talk about their careers racing Ferrari sports cars.

It’s not the full recording, but it will give you a flavour of the evening. As always, Richard and David’s stories enlightened us on an era very different from today’s.

sports cars  Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood

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sports cars  Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood


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6 comments on Ferrari evening with Piper and Attwood

  1. Masta Kink, 10 November 2012 09:26

    …wonderful reminiscences…perhaps you could invite him on to the Podcast to complete the story from 1962 onwards… might need a couple of hours though….!

  2. R.E.B, 10 November 2012 21:14

    I would love to hear the rest of it, the longer the better!

  3. Campbell Ritchie, 11 November 2012 17:43

    Please can we have the whole evening in a podcast, need more Piper and Attwood! Your best podcast to date, also would be great to here what Peter Lovett had to say as well.
    Best Wishes

  4. Ed Foster, 12 November 2012 11:01

    Dear all,

    Sorry, but due to a technical problem this is the only part that recorded properly. We’ll set up a podcast with these two in the future as we only scratched the surface!


  5. sd jansz, 24 November 2012 01:42

    Any chance of getting Mark Hughes into the podcast studio once the F1 season has stopped?

  6. Peter Grinnell, 27 November 2012 16:43

    Very evocative of a better time than now, I think

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