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Monday 3rd August 2015



Penske’s greatest years

Penske might be having a banner year, but even this season pales in comparison to five of its best

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IndyCar’s pack racing problem

Rick Mears knows a thing or two about racing Indycars – the series could do worse than listen to him

Discussing IndyCar’s problems

The racing’s still great, but where are the fans?

Montoya: from ‘punk’ to elder statesman

In his time away from IndyCar, Juan Pablo Montoya has changed from wild child to guiding hand at Penske

Jim Smith: Clark’s Indy mechanic, part 2

Part two of our exclusive interview with the man who spannered Jim Clark to victory at the Speedway

2015 Indianapolis 500 report

Juan Pablo Montoya wins for Penske, 15 years after his first triumph at the Speedway

Indianapolis 500 preview

Looking ahead to the American classic with a driver who knows the place better than most…

Jim Smith: Clark’s Indy mechanic

Part one of an interview with a marine engineer who was suddenly conscripted into Team Lotus and ended up winning the Indy 500

Penske’s first Indy win

Looking back to Mark Donohue’s 1972 victory and the legacy of that great first win

Penske vs Ganassi

IndyCar 2015 looks like a fight between two of motor sport’s powerhouses

IndyCar’s turnaround hopes

IndyCar’s aero kits make their debut this weekend – is it the start of the series’ rejuvenation?

The return of super teams

Penske and McLaren are both trying to get back to the pinnacle of their respective series

2014′s memorable moments

Even as IndyCar struggles to regain its foothold it still has some great racing

Andretti vs Foyt & Petty

What made the difference in 1967′s ‘Driver of the Year’ voting

IndyCar in 2015

What’s facing America’s top teams as IndyCar preparation continues

Dan Gurney to receive Edison-Ford Medal

Gurney’s body of work with Ford will be recognised this week

Andretti’s 1984 title

Looking back at a hard-fought championship with Newman/Haas

Touch the Sky

A preview from a new documentary featuring Alex Zanardi

Penske’s greatest seasons

How one of America’s greatest teams rose to prominence and dominated US racing

IndyCar photo galleries

Motor Sport on IndyCar

In recent years Indycar has been going through some turbulent times. In 2012 there is a new car from Dallara – that will be named after the late Dan Wheldon – and manufacturer interest is starting to grow once again. Gordon Kirby will bring you all the important news and behind-the-scenes stories.