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Thursday 24th April 2014



Conway wins messy Long Beach GP

Gordon Kirby reports on Mike Conway’s unlikely Indycar win on the streets of Long Beach

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Long Beach’s best race

Gordon Kirby recalls the 1998 Grand Prix of Long Beach and an emphatic comeback victory from Alex Zanardi

Will Power dominates IndyCar opener

Gordon Kirby reports on the IndyCar season opener and a strong performance from winner Will Power

2014 IndyCar season preview

Gordon Kirby takes a look at the changes made in IndyCar for 2014 and who might have a shot at the championship

The racing wisdom of Mario Andretti

Gordon Kirby thinks Jacques Villeneuve could learn a thing or two from Mario Andretti about staying competitive at Indy

Adjusting to life out of the cockpit

Dario Franchitti gives us an update of what he’s got planned for the year since his enforced retirement from racing

Garage 34 at Indianapolis

Paul Fearnley thinks the mooted Garage 56-style experimental entry at Indianapolis is urgently needed

The career of Mark Donohue

Gordon Kirby looks back at the life and career of driver and engineer Mark Donohue, one of the great all-rounders

American greats: Milton, Murphy and Lockhart

Gordon Kirby looks back to the 1920s and three of America’s greatest ever racers

Parnelli’s record run in the Baja 1000

Gordon Kirby speaks to Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones about his experiences in the Baja 1000

Chapman’s last Lotus Indycar

Gordon Kirby looks back at the quick, but unreliable 4WD Lotus 64 and Chapman’s last visit to the famous Brickyard

Gordon Kirby’s highlight of 2013

Gordon Kirby’s highlight of the year: watching two highly professional drivers build their championship campaigns

Last, to first, to banned

Gordon Kirby looks back at All American Racers’ unique BLAT Eagle Indycar and Mike Mosley’s win at Milwaukee

Dario Franchitti retires from racing

Following advice from his doctors, Franchitti has decided to hang up his boots – here’s the ‘Lunch With’ we did with him in 2011.

Ganassi, Penske and Andretti in 2014

Gordon Kirby on IndyCar’s ‘big three’ teams, its smaller outfits and their prospects for next season

The state of IndyCar

Gordon Kirby looks at IndyCar’s prospects for the future and what needs to be done about the ever-dwindling series

Scott Dixon wins his third IndyCar title

Gordon Kirby on Scott Dixon’s third title, Will Power’s satisfying win and Justin Wilson’s injury

Mike Conway on the Indianapolis 500

Alex Harmer speaks to Mike Conway about his unlikely passion for the Indy 500 after quitting oval racing in 2012

Don’t mess with Parnelli Jones

Gordon Kirby on the career of 1963 Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones

Indycar photo galleries

Motor Sport on Indycar

In recent years Indycar has been going through some turbulent times. In 2012 there is a new car from Dallara – that will be named after the late Dan Wheldon – and manufacturer interest is starting to grow once again. Gordon Kirby will bring you all the important news and behind-the-scenes stories.