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Friday 5th February 2016


Classic Car Restorers


Brooklands Motor Company

Brooklands Motor Company is a specialist in both restoration and complete new builds. It has restored a wide range of cars and is particularly well known for its new builds of AC cars. It also undertakes historic race car preparation and classic and modern insurance repairs. It is based at the famous Brooklands circuit in Surrey.


Graeme Hunt

Graeme Hunt has been involved with classic cars professionally for over 20 years. In October 2001 he started up Graeme Hunt Ltd. which both sells and restores Bentleys. However, that hasn’t stopped him involving himself in other favourites such as Daytonas, 550s, Dinos, E-types, XKs, Cobras, Corvettes and classic Range Rovers.


SMDG Performance

SMDG Performance is a Ferrari and Classic car specialist with over 50 years of industry experience, offering its UK customers a professional Ferrari servicing facility. Its team of fully trained Ferrari mechanics have over 50 years experience in Ferrari servicing at Modena Engineering Ltd. of Surrey and Talacrest Ferrari Specialists of Egham.