1922 B.A.R.C. Easter Meeting

Lightning Long Handicap 4.3. A. D. Eldridge) tat, at 95.25 m.p.h. 1922 B.A.R.C. May Meeting

Lightning tong Handicap E. A. D. Eldridge) 1st, at 102.67 m.p.h. 1922 B.A.R.C. Whitson Meeting

Lightning 1..ting Handicap E. A. D. Eldridge) tsi. at 98.75 m.p.h. 1.952 13.A.R.C. August Meeting

Lightning Long Handicap (E. A. D. Eldridge) 2nd. 7922 SO,UO/Se3 Speed Thais

Second-faSteSt-time-or-the-day U. A. D. Eldridge) 2nd. 1922 A.C.U. Brooklands Meeting

One-lap Sprint !SE. A. 1). Eldridge) 2nd. 1922 Brooklands Championship Meeting

Class-heat (E. A. I). Eldridge) and.

Essex Lightning Short Handicap it. A. O. Eldridge) 2nd. 1921 Eastbourne Speed Trials

Fastest-time-of-the-day (E. A. D. Eldridge), 88.22:m.p.h. 1923 Kop Speed Hill-Climb Second-lastest-time-of-the-day (1... G. G. M. I. Chamnioii 1923 B.A.R.C. Easter Meeting

foo m.p.h. Long Handicap (L. C. G. M. LeChampion)ist, lo593 m.p.h. B:A.R.C. Whitson Meeting

Gold Vase Handicap (1... C. G. M. 1.e Champion) 3rd.

Lightning Long Handicap (L. C. G. M. Le Champion) 155. at 102.5 m.p.h. 1923 Saltburn Speed Trials

Eastcst-time-of-the-day (L. C. G. M. Lc ChamPiOn% t to.74 m.p.h. 1,23 -R.A.R.C. August Meeting

lightning Short Handicap (L. C. G; M. Le Champion) ist, at too. m.p.h. Lightning I .ong Handicap IL. .C. G. M. 1.c Champion , ist. at 101..5 m.p.h. 192:1 B.A.R.C. Easter Meeting

Lightning Short Handicap (L. C. G. M. Le (.bampion1 tat, at to.s.25 m.p.h. 1925 Surbiton M.C. Brooklands Meeting

1.ightning Short Handicap (L. C. G. M. Le Champion) 3rd.

lightning Long Handicap (L. C. G. M. Lc Champion) 1st, at 99.41 m.p.h.