Vic Hyde's views on tyre life and noise

Your Motor Sport of April had a letter from a Mr. Gooch, inquiring about Michelin X tyre mileage, saying he had logged 72,300 miles on his VW on Michelins, and wished to know if anyone had exceeded this mileage. I recently traded a DS-19 (Paris delivery) Citroen for a new convertible . .. in two years I had driven the car, from new, with utmost pleasure, safety and comfort, 111,231 miles and upon trading, the original tyres were still on the car, still showing tread, and for all I know, those tyres are still performing their unbelievable service.

Whilst on the subject of tyres, and also wanting to be heard on this foolish argument of "American Ford versus Rolls-Royce" I would like to present my theory. I own a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, now reading 107,000 miles, never having had the head off, nor a brake job. I have any amount of money to bet (which I am positive to win) that my Cloud, with its mileage, will run "quieter" than any NEW Ford! Why? The secret is in the tyres. My Rolls was delivered with beautiful 6-ply Dunlop Fort tyres. As we travelled the roads, we were most annoyed by rumble and drone inside the car. Also, we just could not get a smooth balance on the wheels. I took advice, removed the Dunlops, and replaced with lighter 4-ply tyres. Just like magic, the car was absolutely silent, and the road tromp disappeared. Ford's claim is not that their motor is quieter than a Rolls ... they say their car runs quieter. I would assume, taking a new Rolls with heavy tyres, they would win their argument, judging by my experience.

I look forward to my holiday in England this summer, just to escape the frenetic type of American advertising I must read and listen to. Ridiculous advertising turns me against a product.

Long live Motor Sport.

On Tour—U.S.A. Vic. Hyde, "International Musical Phenomenon."