The Montagu Motor Museum

The Montagu Motor Museum announces the cancellation of the A.C. Rally intended for June 14th and the postponement of its Italian Rally until July 26th. The latter is open to all Italian makes of cars made up to 1940, Italian designs made under licence in other countries being eligible, such as pre-1941 Simcas and N.S.U.-Fiats. There will be class prizes, a souvenir for each driver, who gains free admission to the Museum, Palace House and grounds (reduced rates for passengers) and a Concour d'El├ęgance. Entry forms from the General Manager, The Montagu Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hampshire (Beaulieu 374). An additional fixture is the Classic C.C. of Gt. Britain Rally on Sept. 13th. George Liston Young's Balilla Fiat endurance run at Goodwood will now take place early in September.