The Metallurgique

Mr. James R. Lowe was referring to the chaindriven-timing 2-litre OHC Metallurgique, not the vertical shaft-driven o.h. camshaft engine. This used the same finger between she cam and the valve stem but used a cap and shim for the adjuster, and split collets to retain the collar. To the best of my knowledge only two 2-litre OHC Metallurgiques exist in Engl.d — one saloon, engine number 5560, restored by Mr. P. Finch and my five-seater tourer, engine number 5559, which is in the process of restoration. I believe a number of Metallurgiques are in Australia and New Zealand, and in Belgium. I would be pleased to hear of any others, m anyone with a starter motor or correct back axle. Metallurgique did make a 3-litre (80 x 149, sports model, built briefly in 1922, and it was timed at 87 m.p.h. for the flying kilometre, and the car mentioned in Mr. Lowe's article could be the one owned by a Mr. Barry Vilifier,

If Mr. James Lowe would like to contact me I would be pleased to loan the little information I have on the subject. Findern M. SHARPE [Letters can be forwarded. — Ed.)