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September was the month that F1 racing returned to our screens, and the opinionated discussion reached fever pitch once again on the Motor Sport website. We’ve also had our latest audience figures: turns out that over a quarter of a million people have listened to one of our audio podcasts. Thank you everyone for your support!

We knew the Murray Walker podcast on August 24 would be good, but it turned out to be one of the best yet. Murray was on great form all day, even mimicking himself at one point… absolutely priceless!

“Definitely the best yet. Brilliantly entertaining. thank you!” Lewis Lane commented, while Ben G said, “Motor Sport nirvana. It doesn’t get much better than this.” Sadly we couldn’t take all the recording equipment down to the pub for lunch afterwards as the ex-BBC commentator’s stories just kept on coming.

Just before Motor Sport closed for press we recorded our Goodwood Revival special when we plant ourselves in the middle of the Drivers’ mess and grab whoever happens to be walking past. Like last year it was a great success, and we spoke to the likes of Eddie Cheever, Arturo Merzario, Gerhard Berger, Jackie Stewart and Tom Kristensen. It’s well worth a listen.

Would graham Hill have become a successful team owner if not for the plane crash on that fateful day in november 1975? Does Nigel still get excited on Friday mornings when the Formula 1 engines fire up? What are the best examples of merely good drivers coming up with a great performance?

These were all questions that Nigel answered on the website this month, but the big talking point was the question posed by martin mcallen. “This might well brand me a heretic,
and I’m aware that I risk public execution should i ever set foot into the UK again, but can you please explain to me what all the fuss is about stirling moss?” As you can imagine, Nigel was quite shocked by the question. “If you’re seriously asking what Stirling achieved, apart perhaps from his Mille Miglia win,” he replied, “I suggest you buy a racing book or two and start reading.”

Many of the comments on the Q&A were of a similar vein, but not all of them. “Hurrah for Martin Mcallen, for I share his views,” said ‘Garry’. “Stirling is excellent at marketing himself and the brand, and most journalists are just caught up in the rose-tinted view rather than thinking ‘hang on’.”

As with everything on the Motor Sport website there are always wildly differing views and opinions. and that’s just how we like it.