Homes of the racing drivers

The house at Gwernyfed Park, Glasbury, near Brecon, where Commander Glen Kidston, RN, who served in submarines, was brought up, and where he presumably tuned the motorcycles, ranging from four-cylinder FN to his favourite Sunbeam, which he rode in sprints and MCC trials. It is not known whether his GP Bugatti was kept here but no doubt fast journeys to and from the Admiralty were undertaken by Kidston in his 3-litre Speed Model Bentley, Chrysler and Boulogne Hispano-Suiza cars. He died while flying in Africa in 1931. His body was brought home for burial in the local churchyard beside the grave of his father and mother, the church to which the Kidston family had given the organ and bells; the house is now a comprehensive schooL