Karlskoga Races (Sweden)

(August 11th)—Two heats of 20 laps each

On the tight little circuit at Karlskoga, a Formula One race was run in two heats, the addition of times deciding the winner. Brabham led the first heat from Clark and Taylor with Lotus-Climax V8 cars, but trouble in the Brabham-Climax V8 just before the end allowed the two Team Lotus cars to finish first and second.

In the second heat Clark and Taylor let Brabham win, knowing that providing they stayed close enough he could not win on overall time. Brabham drove one of his latest Grand Prix cars, and his works Formula Junior driver Dennis Hulme had his first race in a Formula One Brabham, finishing fourth.

1st: J. Clark (Lotus 25-Climax V8) .. 1 hr. 04 min. 26.7 sec.

2nd: T. Taylor (Lotus 25-Climax V8) .. 1 hr. 05 min. 01.7 sec.

3rd: J. Brabham (Brabham-Climax V8) .. 1 hr. 05 min. 12.8 sec.

4th: D. Hulme (Brabham-Climax V8) .. 1 lap behind

5th: J. Bonnier (Cooper-Climax V8) .. 1 lap behind

6th: M. Gregory (Lotus-B.R.M. V8) .. 2 laps behind

7th: G. de Beaufort (Porsche 4-cyl.) .. 2 laps behind

8th: R. Anderson (Lola-Climax V8) .. 2 laps behind