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Page 17 of January 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, January 1948


The B.R.M. Every enthusiast will wish Raymond Mays the best of luck with his new British Grand Prix team. On December 3rd a luncheon was held at Claridge's to announce the establishment of the British Motor Racing Research Trust, set up by an important group of firms in the Motor industry to assist Mays, who has formed Automobile Developments, Ltd., to foster a cause which, in his own words,...

Page 51 of February 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, February 1964


Sir, It might be some consolation to Mr. K. Ward to know that he is not alone in his trouble with "blistering" Dunlop C41s. At 8,000 my Triumph Herald had to have three tyres changed through this trouble; an earlier Herald of mine got as far as 15,000 before the same failing put paid to one front tyre. Dunlop's Euston Road Service Station were very cross at me for expressing an adverse opinion of...

Page 13 of May 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, May 1940

A book about Indianapolis

JOE COPPS, of Indianapolis Speedway, has forwarded to us an interesting book entitled "Why I Became a Race Driver." The author is Wilbur Shaw, who won the Indianapolis "500" in 1937 with a Gilmore-Special, at 113.58 m.p.h. and in 1939 with Mike Boyle's 2.9-litre Maserati, at 115.035 m.p.h. He was second in 1938 with a Shaw Special at 115.58 m.p.h., and has finished second on two other occasions,...

Page 17 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, October 1950

Film Review

"ENDURANCE," featuring Jean Lodge, Michael Medwin and Guy Middleton. A Cecil Mask Production. Endurance is sub-titled a Fantasy of Le Mans and was filmed for the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. All followers of motor-racing will want to see it, for it captures the atmosphere of Le Mans and contains some interesting "shots" of the 1950 race, both by day and at night. "Dunlop Mae" and Norman Freeman star...

Page 9 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, August 1933

The Fiat Suspension.

The Fiat Suspension. • In February this year the Automobile Club of Spain suspended the " marque " Fiat internationally for one year. The Fiat Company appealed to the A.I.A.C.R. (International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs) through the Royal Automobile Club of Italy under the provisions of the International Sporting Code. The R.A.C. has now been advised that the differences between...

Page 18 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1956

Some accessories at Earls Court

Automotive Products Ltd. Improved suspension joints and automatic transmissions are on view and oil and fuel filters. Stand 369. Avon India Rubber Co Ltd. The Avon Winter Safety tyre is on view together with the HM Airseal, which has no tube. Stand 205. Bosch Ltd. New exhibits are the P 11S sparking pings designed for motor-scooter engines and the M 11S range which has been introduced for the...

Page 17 of September 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, September 1966

What "The Telegraph" omitted!

Sir, I noted with interest Mr. Pyle's letter to the Minister of Transport. The report in the Daily Telegraph, on which he based his comment, left out one important point about our demonstration, this was that the tyres, which were seen and photographed aquaplaning on the heavy vehicle, had smooth treads, the purpose of the demonstration was to show the danger of using tyres that are worn smooth....

Page 29 of September 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1931

Pocket Tyre Gauge.

Pocket Tyre Gauge. APOCKET gauge for readingtyre pressures, fitting like a fountain pen into the waistcoat pocket, is now being marketed by the Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd.. There are two models—the balloon, reading from 6 to 52 lbs. per square inch in 1 lb. units, and the giant from 30 to 170 lbs. in 5 lbs. units. The plunger is calibrated to show these increases and the little instrument is both...

Page 54 of April 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, April 1963

Dunlop spokesman on tyre life

Sir, One can argue about tyres indefinitely but, with due respect to Mr. Marshall, it is advisable to be sure that the alleged facts support the conclusion offered. The Dunlop Universals that Mr. Marshall refers to were motorcycle tyres, not car tyres. In shape, weight, tread pattern and other respects they were quite unsuitable for use on 4-wheeled vehicles. As I have tried to say before in...

Page 46 of May 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, May 1933

The International Trophy Race.

The International Trophy Race. EVERYTHING is now ready for the J.C.C. International Trophy Race to be held at Brooklands Track on May 6th. As has already been explained Ili MOTOR SPORT, the system of handicapping used will be of an entirely original character, utilising curves of varying severity to penalise the faster machines. The start will take place at 2.30 p.m. the cars being sent away en...



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