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Page 23 of April 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, April 1935


THE DE NORMANVILLE SAFETY GEAR-BOX A CLEVER DESIGN WORKING ON THE EPICYCLIC PRINCIPLE, AVAILABLE AS AN EXTRA ON LARGER HUMBER MODELS. IN the history of invention it frequently happens that two men striving to improve the same piece of apparatus will make use of the same principles, but the finished products each show advantages of their own. One pattern of epicyclic gear-box, the pre-selective...

Page 9 of April 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, April 1950

Motor Sport Gets to Know—The Humber Super-Snipe, Mark II

The Car That Was Second in This Year's Monte Carlo Rally Only five cars completed  the road-section of this year's Monte Carlo Rally without loss of marks, and in consequence can justifiably be proclaimed exceedingly good cars. Of these five—Hotchkiss, Humber Super Snipe and three little Simcas—the Humber was placed second in the final results and is therefore of topical interest.   Accordingly,...

Page 48 of December 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1931


II-1 IE 11Z E and IF IH IE ik IE By -arnsliez ft" Father of the Motor Industry /_T is difficult to realise that the British motor industry, now so important a factor in the national scheme, is actually an infant concern compared with the majority of our leading undertakings. It is thrown into strong perspective, however, by the announcement that one of its pioneers has recently celebrated his...

Page 26 of August 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, August 1959

New Commer Transporter for "Equipe Sunbeam"

To service cars entered by the Rootes Group for motor rallies, a special van, based on a Commer five-ton petrol engined chassis, has been placed in service. Designed to carry any Rootes Group car, the vehicle has an 11 ft. 9 in. wheelbase extended chassis, a standard forward control cab and a composite Luton body by Rootes Ltd., Maidstone. To load or off-load quickly and easily, a winch mounted...

Page 16 of April 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, April 1947

The Sunbeam-Talbot Ten Sports Saloon

Motor Sport Road Test (Post-war Series) No. 3 A very refined small car with lively performance. Smooth-handling qualities allied to effortless running. The first car which the present writer road-tested for Motor Sport was an open Talbot Ten and, on taking over a 1947 saloon of the same type for test, the improvements incorporated in the latest model were at once apparent, good as this car was...

Page 21 of November 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, November 1931

Stinging the Motorist.

Stinging the Motorist. COMPLAINTS from various parts of the country continue to reach the A.A. concerning the increasing demands upon motorists for the payment of fees for the parking of motorcars for short periods. These charges are being made not only in the case of open spaces to which the public has a right of access, but for parking on the public highway, in spite of the fact that no...

Page 12 of October 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, October 1930


THE PARIS SALON. AMONG British firms exhibiting at the Paris Salon which opens to-morrow, October 2nd, are Rootes, Ltd., who as world exporters of Humber and Hillman cars are showing a representative selection of this year's models. Participation in Continental motor shows has for some years past been a feature of this concern's campaign to popularise British .cars in European countries. And in...

Page 48 of December 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1965

Veteran- Edwardian- Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The R.A.C. London-Brighton Veteran Car Run - The Editor's " Hat-Trick " with the 1904 Montagu Motor Museum Brushrnobile The London-Brighton Veteran Car Run to commemorate the Emancipation Run of 1896 originated in 1927 as a bit of lighthearted motoring sponsored by The Graphic, subsequently encouraged on a more serious footing by The Autocar and the V.C.C.,...

Page 55 of May 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, May 1931


USED SPORTS CARS FOR SALE (continued). FRAZER-NASH. pRAZER-NASH, a special sports car, 1927 model; -1: completely rebuilt this year at a cost of over £100, lowered long chassis, special mpdel, 10-gallon tank at rear, special wide front axle, Rudge hubs, cycle-type wings, with special guards, central gear change, full all-weather equipment, 3 new India tyres, painted black, green pneumatic...

Page 18 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1931


Another Speedway for Great Ii ritain ? interesting scheme for the construction in the Isle of Man of an eight-mile speed track and other tracks suitable for road race courses was brought forward a short time ago. The suggestion was that the Curraghs, a large area of bog and swamp in the northern part of the Island, should be drained, and that on the reclaimed land, a motor track, an aerodrome,...



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