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Page 19 of June 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1937

Club News

etta /1.4 KENT AND SUSSEX L.C.C. The first of the 1937 series of the always excellent Lewes speed trials was held on May 8th. Spectators arrived in plenty, many specials were being exercised and there were some fast runs, indeed the only thing missing was a spot of sunlight to warm and brighten this delightful spot on the downs above the sea. J. Lemon Burton made the fastest run of the afternoon...

Page 23 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, March 1948

Club news

We hear Flt.-Lt. Peter Pim, who runs a "Red Label" Bentley, encountered a fine 1909 Rolls-Royce towing a modern saloon, near Keswick. L.T. Booth writes in praise of the model-car construction kits by the Seale Model Equipment Co., Ltd., and his 1930 Riley Nine Mk. IV four-seater. Of the latter he says that he gets an instant start from cold, 30 m.p.g., an oil-pressure of 45 lb./sq. in., and that...

Page 39 of June 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, June 1949

Club News

We Hear During April an 1899 Weston steam car made a last triumphant journey through York to the museum, to which it has been presented by K. Tye. The car is in really beautiful condition and its last journey was well written-up in the local Press. Incidentally, the police sportingly gave sanction for it to run sans trade number plates, so as to improve its appearance before the Press cameras....

Page 24 of April 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 1937

Club News

e4 11044 1NVICTA C.C. At the opening meeting at which the club was formed some remarkable Invictas gathered at the " Wee Waif" café Five 100 m.p.h. 41-litre open tourers, finished in ivory, blue, green, blue and cream and red, respectively, a black Vanden Pins two-seater, and a coupe on low-chassis 41-litres, a black N.L.C. coupe, a fabric L.C. 41-1itre, and two black A-type saloons were present...

Page 7 of June 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, June 1949

Vintage Veerings

Whose was the blue touring two-seater G.N., apparently original even to hood and beaded-edge tyres, that passed over the Trinity Road Tooting High Road crossing at 8.30 a.m. on April 28th? And whose was the "20'60" Sunbeam tourer, complete even to hand-dipping headlamps, parked at Croydon Aerodrome on the same day? The Editor is contemplating the acquisition of a beautifully-preserved 1924 15.9-h...

Page 8 of February 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, February 1950

Vintage Veerings

There is no need to state the case for vintage machinery on this page, because those who read it are converts anyway, and because the points in favour of even the less-spectacular vintage touring car were set out in "Rumblings" towards the close of last year. Enthusiasm for vintage cars looks like continuing at a high level, and rather more old cars will come on the market this year as people who...

Page 33 of April 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, April 1950

Club News

We Hear R. J. Barton, whose 1904 Wolseley we referred to recently, has found quite a number of old cars in his searchings, including a 1920 Vauxhall at Trevor, and scores of "period" lamps. Barton is at present in the Middle East and successfully using an Austin Seven, in which he hopes to drive home to England. He has also acquired a rather fine 1920 Austin Twenty chassis and intends to fit it...

Page 26 of April 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, April 1951


The Aston-Martin Owners' Club is running no fewer than nine ears in this year's 24-Hour 13o1 d'Or sports car race on June 13rdi4t.11, and Very wisely and ambitiously it organised a " dress rehearsal " at Brands Hatch the other day, including pit-work, fuel consumption tests and night driving, the last-named the first time such a thing has been seen on a British track since Edge's 24-hour record...

Page 33 of February 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1950

Club News

We Hear A. F. Wright has acquired a 1928 Amilcar Grand Sport which he intends to keep as near to original condition as possible. Out in Johannesburg Jeffs Watson has a two-cylinder G.W.K. two-seater believed to be of 1911 vintage, which was apparently exported in 1912 and which survives in very good condition, taking part in a recent Safety Week Procession driven by Mrs. Watson. L. N. Borra hopes...

Page 19 of October 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, October 1938

Club news

Otia, /lewd ,m,,„„.,...?1111111r SCOTTISH A.C. We have always felt that there should be a few more antique cars tucked away in the wilds of Scotland and North Wales, even though all the pre-1905 examples have long since been unearthed from their resting places in this country and only change hands at exorbitant prices. Consequently, interest attaches to the Veteran Car Rim from Edinburgh to...



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