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Page 55 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, March 1967

Letters from Readers

N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and Motor Sport does not necessarily associate itself with them.—ED. A.A. Discounts Sir, I am enclosing a copy of a letter I have sent to the Automobile Association which I think may well be worth a mention in your magazine. It seems to me that the A.A. are rapidly becoming a commercial organisation representing Insurance Companies, Car...

Page 120 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 120, February 2008

Classic Motorsport Routes

Richard Meaden This glossy hardback, written by motoring journalist Richard Meaden, is divided into six main sections covering road races, road circuits, rallies, Grand Prix circuits, hillclimbs and ‘record breaking’. All the routes chosen are driveable today and include classics such as the Mille Miglia and also more obscure venues such as the Grössglockner hillclimb in Austria, now a mountain...

Page 29 of September 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1931

The A.A. Irish Handbook.

The A.A. Irish Handbook. THE Automobile Association has now issued the Irish Handbook for 1931-32. Particulars are given of all hotels and garages holding the full appointment of the A.A. in Ireland, whilst for the first time hotels having hot and cold running water provided in the bedroms are shown. Up-to-date information is given eon eerning foreign tours, steamship charges for motor vehicles,...

Page 94 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, December 1977

Causes of Decline

Sir, Mr. Piggot says lack of use causes engine wear. In that case, there must be an awful lot of sad boat owners around, because most boats are laid up for about six months in the winter, and probably used comparatively seldom in the summer. I have owned boats with both petrol and diesel engines, and have never known any wear due to lack of use to take place. Chicester G. de JONGH AA Continental...

Page 86 of February 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, February 1978

Driving standards

Sir, It is not often that I become purple with anger when reading your excellent magazine, but the smug, self-opinionated letter from Mr. Holding (Dec. 1977) has prompted me to put pen to paper. Presumably it is official police policy that it is better to prevent drivers breaking the law rather than wait for them to break it and then set out to catch them. Therefore, why is my nearside wing...

Page 48 of December 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1931


II-1 IE 11Z E and IF IH IE ik IE By -arnsliez ft" Father of the Motor Industry /_T is difficult to realise that the British motor industry, now so important a factor in the national scheme, is actually an infant concern compared with the majority of our leading undertakings. It is thrown into strong perspective, however, by the announcement that one of its pioneers has recently celebrated his...

Page 30 of January 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1928


SILENCING OF MOTOR CYCLES. Issue of Efficiency Certificates by the Automobile Association. Arrangements have been concluded between the Automobile Association and the British Cycle and Motor Cycle Manufacturers and Traders Union, Limited, whereby the Automobile Association has inaugurated a scheme for certifying the methods of silencing motor cycles. Certificates of efficiency will be issued by...

Page 20 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, June 1931


ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES The Phoenix Park Races. THE entries received up to date for the Grand Prix races . at Phoenix Park are sufficient to ensure that in most of the classes, at any rate, there will be keen struggles for supremacy. In the 750 c.c. class whole fleets of small cars have been.entered, the makes represented being, of course, M.G. and Austin. Particular interest, too...

Page 44 of December 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1931


WIRELESS WEATHER REPORTS. UNDER a special licence issued by the Postmaster General, The Automobile Association will now broadcast eight times daily, by wireless telephony, weather reports and forecasts on a wave length of 833 metres. The information will be broadcast from Heston Airport, and the service is intended for aircraft pilots, either in flight or at ground stations. The messages are the...

Page 58 of October 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, October 1961

A.A. versus R.A.C.

• • A.A. versus R.A.C. versus Sir, The Automobile Association ask for co-operation by the Motor Trade in returning badges and telephone box keys. My experience is that after bearing the expense of postage, etc., one is not favoured with the courtesy of a reply. This is not the case with the R.A.C. London, S.W. t6. W. H. BARNES.



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