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Page 77 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, December 1996

Stanley Sedgwick

Stanley Sedgwick, Patron of the Bentley Drivers Club and an exceedingly influential personality in so many fields, especially those concerned with the older cars, died peacefully on October 25 of pneumonia, a complication of cancer. His devoted wife Con was at his side. Sedgwick, a top company accountant, was wealthy enough to enjoy his motoring without any association with the motor trade, the...

Page 7 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, March 1948

America Likes British Cars!

Under the heading "Imported Horsepower" in Esquire for February we were pleased to read some complimentary remarks about British and Continental cars and to be told that "Foreign sports cars, like those pictured here, are a red-hot cult among the few hundred Americans who own one. Membership in the cult is by no means confined to New York and Hollywood big-money circles. In the clubs to which...

Page 86 of July 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, July 1989

Veteran to classic

Postscript: the Bentley riposte That fine 30/98 run at Montlhery was to cause some fearful Bentley carnage! In 1957 Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley Drivers Club, read of it and decided it was "a performance that could not forever remain unchallenged" by Bentley owners. An attempt was arranged at Monza in 1958, with a Speed Six, a 41/2-litre modernised with a De Dion back-axle, and a 3...

Page 88 of July 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, July 1989

30/98 Register

By courtesy of Vauxhall Motors Ltd, the Vauxhall 30/98 Register has published a revised listing of these cars. Very nicely produced, it has a fine colour cover picture of GE Milligen's 1924 Velox which he has owned since 1927. From this register we learn that there are no survivors of the 13 pre-war E-types, but that 34 of the 275 post-war examples do still exist, as do 132 of the 312 OE 30/98s...

Page 40 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, February 1984

Not what they seem to be

1984 will see the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the Vintage Sports Car Club and during that time the activity of "messing about with old cars" has grown from a handful of enthusiasts with their own personal toys to a world-wide money-spinning activity involving just about every aspect of the business world that you can imagine. Old cars have become Collectors Curios, Dealers Desirables...

Page 28 of December 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, December 1949

Bouquets and Brickbats

The Third Meeting of the Clubs, held at the R.A.C. on November 18th, gave organisers and competitors a chance to hand the R.A.C. Competitions Committee verbal bouquets, followed by numerous brickbats. The meeting was opened by Prof. R. G. H. Clements, M.C., Minst.C.E. (Senior Vice-Chairman, R.A.C.). In his opening remarks he spoke at length about the vast undertaking that Silverstone represented...

Page 41 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1979

Books for the New Year

"The Art of Gordon Crosby" by Peter Garnier. 95 pp. 13" x 9¼". (The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd., Astronaut House, Feltham, Middlesex. £7.95). I may not be the best person to review this book of Gordon Crosby paintings and sketches, for the reason that as a motoring historian I prefer photographs to the work of artists, these being, in general, unable to lie, thus avoiding confusion over the past...

Page 91 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, August 1975

A 50-year span

Motor Sport tests two significant British high-performance cars of very different eras. 1924/5 3-litre Bentley Road-test reports, as out-spoken as we deem necessary, have been a feature of MOTOR SPORT from the first issue and so, as this is our 50th Anniversary number, we decided that something should be written about appropriate cars, spanning the half-century. The first copy of, the newly-...

Page 44 of March 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1988

Veteran to classic: The great Bentley debate

Strange case of mistaken identity? In response to WB's theory that the 1922 Bentley in the Donington Collection is not the car used by JF Duff for the 1922 "Double-Twelve" record and for Le Mans in 1923, Bentley historian Michael Hay reiterates and enlarges upon the counter-arguments. Sir, In common with most historically-minded Bentley enthusiasts, I was more than a little interested and...

Page 19 of June 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1997

Cricklewood Bentleys

Sir, I am writing a book detailing the individual histories of all the six-cylinder Cricklewood Bentleys. If you own one of these wonderful cars and are a member of Bentley Drivers Club you will have already heard from me. If, however, you are not a member but either own one or know anyone who does, I would be most grateful if you could write to me at the address below with any details of the...



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