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Page 53 of May 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, May 1979

The other side of Brooklands

With the arrival of better weather, the Editor recalls the days when people went to Weybridge not only to see the motor racing, but to watch the aeroplane races CONSIDERING that the first heavier-than-air machine had proved that it could get off the ground only six years previously, the attention given by the Brooklands authorities to aviation in 1909 deserves to be remembered. Moreover, flying...

Page 49 of November 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, November 1975


RELIANT DEVELOPMENTS IN TIME for the London Motor Show Reliant released their long-awaited new economy car—the Kitten (another car with an aircraft name)—and an up-dated Scimitar GTE. I saw both, at the September preview at Warwick Castle, an excellent venue for such a function. The sunny weather was a perfect foil for the splendid photographic background provided by the Castle precincts and...

Page 53 of June 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, June 1930

A New Trainer.

A New Trainer. The D.W.2 with Cirrus Mark III. Engine. ADISTINCT breakaway from the conventional is represented in the D.W.2., a new light two seater biplane constructed by the D.W. Aircraft Co. of Wey'bridge, Surrey. Primarily evolved as a training machine it has been designed by Captain K. N. Pearson, M.C., A.F.R.Ae.S., to the ideas of Captain Neville Stack. The qualities which have been aimed...

Page 42 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 1931


N .F.S. PageantProgramme. NATIONAL Flying Services are now repeating their arrangements, which proved so successful last year, when they staged numerous pageants and meetings at the several aerodromes which they control in various parts of the country. The next one is due to take place on Sunday, 7th, at Hedon Aerodrome, Hull, and more than fifty machines are expected to attend. The pageant will...

Page 14 of December 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, December 1931


A LOSS TO BROOKLANDS. IVIL flying in this country and Brook lands aerodrome in particular suf fered a severe loss last month when Captain B. Al Jones of the B.S.P., was involved in .a fatal aeroplane accident at Hendon. The 13rooklands School of Plying recently fitted up a " Moth " with cockpit hoods and special instruments for blindflying instruction, and on Sunday, 8th November, 'Captain Jones...

Page 66 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, July 1981


Aviation for Everyone — then and now The so-called Great War of 1914/18 removed some of the remoteness, if not the mystique, from the aeroplane. So after it was all over, that bloody conflict to end all future wars(!) certain misguided people thought it desirable to try to get "everyone" into the air and the Government became concerned about training as many pilots as possible, against the need...

Page 44 of May 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, May 1932


ROOKLAN IS AS A FLYING CENTRE WHERE KINDRED SPIRITS MEET. NE does not have to delve very deeply into history to discover that in years gone by aviation and the sport of motor racing were closely linked together. Men who had devoted their energies to improving the efficiency of the automobile, and who had achieved, prominence by their accomplishments in design and racing were, when the time...

Page 44 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1976

Books for Christmas

"The World Water Speed Record" by Leo Villa and Kevin Desmond. 206 pp. 8 3/4 in x 5 1/2 in. (B. T. Batsford Ltd., 4, Fitzhardinge Street, London, W1H OAH. £4.75.) This is a most acceptable book, because it covers ground that is entirely new. It is high time the World's Water Speed Record was fully documented and this Kevin Desmond has now done most thoroughly, with extracts from earlier books...

Page 37 of March 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, March 1930


Aerodrome Congestion. THE enormous increase in the number of aircraft flying over some of the more popular aerodromes in the vicinity of London during the weekends and in fine weather, has been presenting a growing problem for some time, and many flying folk have expressed the view that something drastic should be done in regard to the control of aerial traffic round these places. Apart from the...

Page 38 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1971

Aero sport: Brooklands as an aerodrome

[D. Bradley-Watson, who learned to fly at Brooklands, recalls some history and recaptures the atmosphere of one of our most famous flying fields—which, incidentally, has outlived the track.—Ed.] It was my first visit to Brooklands and from the front cockpit of a DH Moth I viewed with dismay the scene below as we were gliding in on our approach to the aerodrome in the centre of the Track. What...



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