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Page 40 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 1984

Greene Cars

Only two Gilbys were ever built, an 1,100 cc sports car and a 1½-litre F1 car. Both were well designed, attractive, and prepared to the highest standards, yet in terms of absolute success, they merit no more than a footnote in motor racing history. What the project represented, though, is much more important. They were among the very last cars to be built and raced by a privateer with the object...

Page 135 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 135, February 2014

Gathering Moss

Thoughts on the career of the late Ken Gregory, one of post-war British racing’s unsung heroes Early in 1951 Stirling Moss was eagerly awaiting completion of a frontier-technology 500cc Formula 3 car that was being tailor-made for him by a rather eccentric but evidently capable fabricator named Ray Martin. With mutual friend – and fellow jazz fan – John A Cooper – Technical Editor of The Autocar...

Page 42 of February 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, February 1999

A Place in the History Books

Porsche has, to date, won just one World Championship grand Prix. The driver was Dan Gurney who now talks to Adam Cooper about the marque's troubled relationship with Formula One. Over the past few seasons in Formula One, Ferrari and McLaren have been embroiled in a battle for supremacy at the top of the all-time Grand Prix winners list. The current score is 119 to 116 in favour of the Italians,...

Page 6 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, March 2000

Donington exhibits head for track

The first Lola Grand Prix car will be back on track this season, after 31 years in the Donington collection. Chassis BRGP41, which John Surtees drove for the Bowmaker team at the Brussels GP in 1962, was discovered in Australia and reimported. "It's like being in a time warp," says new owner Nigel Kemp, who may field the Eric Broadley design, powered by a four-cylinder CoventryClimax FPF engine...

Page 104 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, July 2004

BRM P578 'Stackpipe'

Stacking the odds With a huge budget and vast resources, BRM still wasn't winning. The team faced the chop, when suddenly it all came right. Gordon Cruickshank explains Committees. They're no way to run a major racing team. BRM, born out of a committee, proved that. Over its first painful decade it was on a sea of cross-currents, with too many captains sailing it. The V16 had become a joke, and...

Page 30 of July 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 2009


Tony Marsh Few drivers have succeeded in as many avenues of motor sport as Tony Marsh, who has died aged 77. He started in the early 1950s doing trials in the winter and hillclimbs in the summer, and won the British Hillclimb Championship three years running. When he moved into circuit racing he continued with the other disciplines too. No other driver has ever competed in a World Championship...

Page 27 of May 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, May 2002

A new frame of reference

On Friday May 18, 1962, at Zandvoort, Formula One changed forever. In the blink of an eye, chassis design went from tubes to tub, courtesy of the radical Lotus 25. John Tipler recounts its story - from sketch on a napkin to ground-breaking debut Think of Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman and automatically you conjure up groundbreaking cars: the ubiquitous Seven, the wedge-shaped 72, the ground-effect...

Page 8 of July 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, July 1995


FRA “Lofty” England Frank Raymond Wilton England, known to us all simply as "Lofty", the oft 5in-tall, good natured character who had probably as much varied experience of motor racing from the inside as anyone, at all events in the later period of the game, has died, aged 83, in Austria. It seems incredible, for "Lofty" was one of those happy enthusiastic people whom one felt would go on for...

Page 61 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, June 2012

What we lost

Stirling Moss, racing a Formula 1 Ferrari in Rob Walker’s colours? The events at Goodwood on April 23, 1962 robbed us of a truly fascinating possibility Anyone can tell you that a Formula 1 Ferrari is red, but there have been occasional exceptions. Sometimes at the Belgian Grand Prix there would be an extra car in the yellow of Equipe Nationale Belge for such as Olivier Gendebien, and at the last...

Page 72 of December 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, December 2007

Brief encounter

Jack Lewis shot to F1 in no time, but his star shone only momentarily as he and racing parted company By Paul Fearnley There are racing drivers who do not look like racing drivers – for example, Bobby Rahal, bless his fireproof socks – and there are those who do. I cannot cite a single scientific fact to support my bold statement, but I can cite Carlos Reutemann. If the craggy Argentinian –...


November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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