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Page 112 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, July 1981

British Bugatti Register

Encouraged by Hugh Conway, David Sewell has completed a Register of Bugattis in this country, badly needed since earlier editions, based on the original Register incorporated in "The Bugatti Book", had lapsed. The new list is full of interest and no doubt many non-Bugatti owners will want it, if only the better to identify Bugattis they see in action. Brief specifications and performance figures...

Page 47 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, January 1979

BOC Prize-Giving

The Bugatti Owners Club held its annual Prize-Giving Luncheon at the Chateau Impney at Droitwich on November 26th last year, with their new Chairman Barry Price in control. We went in a Porsche 928, expecting to mingle with many exotic motor-cars. But the ice that morning had kept all the Bugattis at home, for fear of salt-pollution, and the car-park had only a light dusting of Ferraris and...

Page 70 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 1981

Hill Climb

James Thomson made up for his disappointment at Wiscombe Park by making fastest time of the day at the second round of the RAC Hill Climb Championship at Loton Pak on Easter Monday. The day was cold, rather windy but dry, and it was the same trio as at Wiscombe setting the fastest times in the top ten run off, albeit in a reversed order. Chris Cramer again failed to qualify, by just one hundredth...

Page 9 of April 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, April 1943

Cars I have owned

C. W. P. Hampton, well-known member of the Bugatti Owners' Club and Vintage S.C.C., and now a lieutenant in the Guards, continues the story of his 22 cars in 12 years' ownership, and expresses a decided preference for Continental productions. The Editor and proprietor of this paper do not necessarily endorse his views.—Ed. In 1937 I decided to have a crack at winning the Bugatti Owners Club's...

Page 46 of October 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1934


SOME very fast speeds were put up at the Race Hill, Lewes, on Saturday, September 8th, the occasion being the meeting organised by the Bugatti Owners Club. For the first time in many moons R. G. J. Nash was deprived of the honour of making fastest time of the day, and his " Spook " Anzani-Nash had to bow the knee to J. Lemon Burton, C. E. C. Martin, and A. H. L. Eccles, all on Bugattis. After the...

Page 20 of March 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, March 1934


THE .1. R. D. C. SPEED TRIAL AN INTER CLUB MEETING NEAR HENLEY. THE activities of the Junior Racing Drivers' Club had during the past year been limited to organising Mountain Races at Brooklands, but they started their 1934 programme with a speed trial open to members of the Bugatti Owners', the United Hospitals and the Brighton and Hove Clubs and, of course, members of the J.R.D.C. The venue was...

Page 43 of December 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, December 1980


MATTERS OF MOMENT • THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS "The maxim of the British people is 'Business as tauar" — Winston Churchill. This is the last issue of MOTOR SPORT that will be published this year, the first twelve months of the 1980s, so it behoves us to glance hack at a few of the significant motoring happenings therein. From our viewpoint it has been mostly a good peat—use in which Fl Grand Prix...

Page 70 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, September 1987

V to C miscellany

The Brooklands Society souvenir book we recommended last month, which commemorates the eightieth anniversary of the Track, is available for £1.50 from the Society administrator at 48 Fortescue Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9SB. Although the caption for our General Strike picture (Motor Sport, July 1987) identified the car in the foreground as a 12/50 Alvis, we have since had doubts. In the old...

Page 17 of August 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1934


FORTHCOMING EVENTS MOTORING AUGUST. 3rd-4th. Mid-Surrey A.C. Reliability Trial. 4th. Southport M.R.C. Sand Race Meeting. 5th. Course de Cote du Klausen. 5th. Grand Prix d'Ete. 5th. Grand Prix Automobile du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg. 6th. B.A.R.C. Bank Holiday Meeting. 7th-I2th. Coupes des Alpes. 11th. United Hospitals and U. of L.M.C. Hill Club. 12th. Grand Prix Automobile de Nice. France. 12th....

Page 72 of September 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, September 1989

Two mysteries

A reader has drawn our attention to a curious remark made some time ago by Nigel Dempster in his gossip-column in the Daily Mail. Writing about the possibility of Fiona Campbell-Walker marrying the antiques dealer Dimitri, he described the prospective husband's late father as having "won the 1938 Monaco Grand Prix". But there was no such race that year ... And in Daisy Reminisces (Bachman &...



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