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Page 34 of October 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 1974

Sports Round-up

Formula 5000 One International formula which seems to thrive on both sides of the Atlantic (as well as in Australia and New Zealand) is the Formula 5000 single-seater category, a class of racing which took quite a long time to get off the ground but now commands a loyal following. In Europe the F5000 Championship is backed by Rothmans and, over the past month or so, Bob Evans and Peter Gethin...

Page 30 of August 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1976

The Grand Prix Scene

I do not normally take the halfway stage in a Grand Prix season as being significant enough to call for a review or a re-cap, but the way things have been going so far I can only hope that the halfway point will call a stop to a lot of nonsense that has been giving Formula One a chequered name. In 1975 we had a pretty shambolic season due to rain upsetting people's equilibrium and two races were...

Page 98 of July 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, July 1983

FOCA to Blame

Sir, While DSJ is right in saying that the Long Beach GP will no longer take place because of lack of money, this statement needs a qualification. The Swiss GP is now cancelled, and the Las Vegas and New York GPs are almost certain non-runners. What are the common denominators? 1. The Formula One Constructors' Association; 2. Television rights to live broadcasting. In all events FOCA are...

Page 34 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1977

The race before the race

With the ever-increasing popularity of Formula One and the more money it attracts, more and more people want to join the act. The Formula One Constructors' Association keep a tight hold on their membership and though they may nominate 22 entries, only the best twenty earn any real money for their efforts. Even so there is no shortage of aspirants trying to earn recognition and a place among the...

Page 26 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, January 1979

Formula One Teams for 1979

Lotus: Heading the 1979 list, naturally enough, is Team Lotus, no longer supported by John Player, the cigarette firm, while the cars will not be called John Player Specials (not that we at Motor Sport did call them by that name to us a Lotus is a Lotus). Olympus Cameras joined Team Lotus for part of last season, but they too have left the Norfolk team. The place of these two sponsors has been...

Page 23 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, August 1977

1977 British Grand Prix race report - A marathon affair

  The 1977 British Grand Prix lasted for exactly one hour thirty-one minutes and forty-six point nought-six seconds, on the high-speed track round the outside of Silverstone aerodrome. James Hunt out in front during the 1977 British Grand Prix. Photo: Motorsport Images Just over one and a half hours of motor-racing at an average speed of 130mph. It doesn't sound much, but the work and effort...

Page 27 of August 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1974

Reflections in the Bourgogne

My reflections on the French Grand Prix actually began in the Department of the Marne, when I made a detour on the way to Dijon to re-visit the circuit of Reims-Gueux. It was here that some of the epics in the history of the French Grand Prix were enacted, and as I wandered round the desolate and crumbling pit area I shed a few silent tears for the long-gone days of motor racing in the Grand...

Page 6 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, April 2004

Jenks on the 'Ring

Continental Notes It looks as though there is more than meets the eye to the 'manoeuverings' to get the German Grand Prix away from the Nürburgring. One 'ministry man' involved in the Constructors' Association is holding on to a fading document said to be "signed by all the F1 drivers" in which they unanimously agreed not to race at the Nürburgring in 1977. This was signed by those in action in...

Page 86 of June 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, June 1973

Around and about

Avon Motor Tour hots up With just a month to go the Avon Motor Tour of Britain looks like living up to the reputation of the event that it emulates—the Tour de France. There are some vital differences however. First 1973 is very much a pilot year so that only Group 1 cars are eligible, unlike the French event which includes Matra MS670 sports-racers and the like, while the final route, around...

Page 38 of June 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, June 1974

Reflections in the Spanish Mud

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the circuit of Jarama, it would seem, and the Spanish Grand Prix looked all set to be a rather dismal affair with everyone splAhing round on rain tyres with their rear anti-roll bars disconnected, trying to find traction rather than doing any inspired racing. In perfect conditions the Jarama circuit is slow and boring for Formula One cars, and also for most of...



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