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Page 106 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, October 2014

First among equals

British Grand Prix, Aintree, July 1955 Mercedes controlled the first British GP at the Liverpool circuit with its historic victory for Moss – but could it have gone the other way? Writer Simon Arron, illustrator Guy Allen A purpose-built facility in a land of converted airfields, the three-mile Aintree circuit ran partly parallel to the famous racecourse of the same name and staged its first...

Page 36 of December 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1975

More about Mercedes

The Editor Pens an Appreciation of the Dr. Ferdinand Porsche Cars in the 100th Anniversary Year of this Great Engineer There can be no IFs or BUTs in motor racing. It may be said that Bugatti, or Lotus, or some other make, has won more races than any other. This does not necessarily prove that make to be superior, only that it has had a greater opportunity of winning. Agreed, if make "A" and make...

Page 90 of December 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, December 1983

Brighton Run correction

In our Brighton Run report, printing schedules caused some items to go astray. For example, the Emancipation Run took place in 1896 today's run is organized solely by the RAC, and Lord Montagu drove his Daimler, not a De Dion. In mentioning the Mercedes 60 we should have said that if this was the first sports car the Mercedes Simplex was a splendid touring car. As usual Daimler-Benz organisation...

Page 16 of October 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, October 1965

Continental Notes

One problem with a monthly magazine, especially when printing schedules call for copy near the middle of the month, is that by the time anything appears in print it is either out-of-date or further developments have made it inaccurate. Last month I mentioned the Serenissima car being built in Modena, and suggested that it showed few signs of getting near a competitive event. Just as the page in...

Page 14 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 1955

1955 British Grand Prix race report - Moss has his chance

  For the first time since 1948, the British Grand Prix did not take place among the green fields of Buckinghamshire but instead was organised in the industrial north-west of England, on the Aintree circuit just outside the port of Liverpool. With the postponement of the French Grand Prix, the various teams had almost a clear month in which to prepare for the British round of the World...

Page 16 of November 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, November 1955

Sports and High-Performance Cars at Earls Court

The Agent and the Engineer Were walking hand in hand; They wept like anything to see The cars on every stand. "if all but OURS were cleared away."  They said, "it WOULD be grand.'' * A.C.   Stand No. 130 The A.C. exhibits will comprise the Ace and Aceca models, the A.C. saloon not being on the stand. These cars have the Tojeiro-like chassis of tubular-ladder type, providing all-round independent...

Page 39 of September 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, September 1961

Small Car Topics

THE Citroen 2 c.v. has had a virtual stranglehold on the economy runabout market since its introduction in 1953, when it was gratefully accepted by the impoverished Frenchman who required even cheaper transport than that provided by VW and Renault at the time. Even now, in 1961, the 2 c.v. sells well although the rising prosperity of France can be gauged from the number of 2 c.v.s appearing With...

Page 47 of September 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, September 1954

Continental Notes

With the first season of the new Formula 1 drawing to a close it is interesting to look back briefly and appreciate what has happened in a comparatively short time, not only from the point of view of the interest during this season but also to realise that an active first season augurs well for the future of Grand Prix racing. Races are no longer foregone conclusions for the Ferrari team, nor...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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