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Page 45 of August 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, August 1924

Round the Clubs

Round the Clubs ESSEX COUNTY & SOUTHEND-ON-SEA AUTOMOBILE CLUB. This well-known club recently carried out its annual benevolent event, when the annual Cripples and Poor Children's Outing took place. A considerable fleet of cars took part, including one char-a-banc hired for the purpose by a member who was prevented from being present, and who did not wish that his absence should cause...

Page 43 of August 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, August 1934

Gear-boxes and other matters.

the German cars, or, who knows, a self-changing gear-box. Easy Change. If the Wilson gear-box is generally adapted for racing purposes, the driving methods used by an earlier generation of racing drivers are likely to be abandoned. With the self-changing box the brake can be kept on right up to the corner if necessary, and the ratio changed when the driver is ready to accelerate away. I notice...

Page 10 of January 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, January 1934


ROAD RACING IN ENGLAND. ALTERATIONS AT DONINGTON. IMPROVEMENTS are being carried out at Donington Park which will make the circuit at once safer and more interesting for drivers of the larger cars, who last year often found it difficult to pass slower vehicles on the short stretches of straight road. The road for some distance on either side of the S-bend in Gallows Flesh Wood will be widened,...

Page 24 of May 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, May 1933


MOTOR RACING AT DONINGTON PARK SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENT BY DERBY AND DISTRICT M.G. THE undoubted and widespread public interest in road-racing which exists In Great Britain has brought into existance several schemes for building private tracks, but the honour of first making one of these into an accomplished fact falls jointly to Mr. J. G. Shields, the owner of Donington Park, and the Derby and...

Page 6 of April 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, April 2001

Matters of Moment

Clubs battle to maintain dates at Silverstone The future of historic and vintage race meetings at Silverstone has been thrown into doubt by recent changes to the circuit hire charges. Following the recent agreement between Octagon Motorsport and the BRDC, clubs running meetings at the track face a sizeable increase in costs. For decades, clubs like the VSCC, the Aston Martin Owners' Club and the...

Page 31 of August 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, August 1925

Round the Clubs

NEWCASTLE & NORTHERN MOTOR CLUB. The All-Night Run of the above Club was held this year over a course of 164 miles. There were close upon thirty entries, and at the first check Alexander, with his " Calthorpe," Green, with his " Dene," and McCullagh, with his "Buick," were well on to time. At Jedburgh the whole of the competitors had got through and were running exceedingly well, the majority...

Page 28 of April 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1930

Club News

etia, /lewd MIDLAND AUTOMOBILE,-CLUB. TT is announced that the Shelsley Walsh open hill climb (which sanctioned by the S.IVI.M.T. for " trade" entries), will I now be the British venue for the Championnat d'Europe de la Montague and will be run under the international rules of the A.I.A.C.R. and the R.A.C. Readers of Moron SPORT should note that the dates for the .climbs have now been altered and...

Page 49 of September 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, September 1974

Reflections in a London suburb

For anyone interested in the history of Grand Prix racing it can be very difficult. Last month we tried to explain how there had never really been a French Grand Prix, only the Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France, and how this died and became the Grand Prix of France. In Great Britain we had our first Grand Prix in 1926, held at the Brooklands Track, followed by another Grand Prix at the...

Page 76 of March 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, March 1977

Donington nostalgia

Sir, D.S.J. has unleashed a spate of happy memories in his article on Donington Park and its history from birth (Motor Sport, Jan. 1977). The original racing events were for motor cycles and three-wheelers as the track was only the width of a farm vehicle and in most places the surface was definitely of a sandy nature, and, as my scars bear witness, was a great help when vacating the saddle at...

Page 25 of January 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, January 1925

Round the Clubs

Round the Clubs ILKLEY & DISTRICT M.C. The list of competitive events for the current year was brought to a close on November 26th with a novel "check spotting" evening reliability trial. The course consisted of a seven miles circuit from Utley through Weston and Askwith to the top of Snowdon Moor, and back to Otley via Can Bank. The circuit had to be traversed at a speed of 15 miles per hour...



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