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EU legislation has forced a character change, but is that necessarily a bad thing? | By Andrew Frankel it’s not often I start a test with the bad news, but understanding what’s wrong with the new BMW M3 and its M4 coupé sister – and how they got that way – is fundamental to appreciating what kind of cars they are, so it would be remiss of me to start any other way. And I guess the question most...

Page 173 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 173, July 2014

The end of innocence

Huge advances in safety corresponded with real-world political and financial machinations that would change motor racing forever. And it can all be traced back to one terrible Sunday afternoon Writer Andrew Benson Everything changed on the afternoon of May 1, 1994. When Ayrton Senna’s Williams hit the wall at Imola’s Tamburello corner, and the great Brazilian was killed by a suspension arm...

Page 35 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, July 2014

Mark Hughes

F1 cost row Structural change in Formula 1 is on the horizon. As the cost/income equation continues to get wildly out of kilter, there are smoke signals suggesting both a legal challenge and that the governing body might be recognising that it needs to act. “It’s a joke what the teams have suggested,” said FIA President Jean Todt on the matter of F1 cost controls. “The budgets are in the hundreds...

Page 70 of May 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, May 1966

Letters from Readers.

N.B. —Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.— Ed An appalling prospect. Sir, I commend you for your stand against bureaucratic control of the motorist. As an American motor enthusiast I have watched, through the window of your editorial and correspondence pages, the government of your country steadily approach the "...

Page 43 of May 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 1958

The Peugeot 403 – A good French family car

Latest model from one of France's oldest manufacturers possesses excellent brakes and roadholding qualities. High performance from 1-1/2-litre engine. Unusual features contribute to 403's individuality. Three years ago we borrowed a Peugeot 203 for test from Lockhart's Service Depot at Dunstable. This Peugeot lingers in the memory as having very safe handling qualities and outstandingly powerful...

Page 58 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 1999

Grands Prix

GP racing was once ruled by manufacturers. Now it's the FIA and constructors. Matthew Franey asks how long it will last. If you want to find out how much the world of Grand Prix racing has changed in the 75 years since The Brooklands Gazette first rolled off the presses, then spare a moment to recognise that despite the passing of time, some things remain very much the same. Consider the...

Page 14 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, March 2009

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – Why F1’s ‘regime’ feels threatened by FOTA – Ron chooses his moment for team handover – The night The Beatles stayed at Indianapolis "How come,” goes the old joke, “that there’s only one Monopolies Commission?” In the same vein, one idly wonders why, in this era of necessarily obsessive cost-cutting in Formula 1, the actual cost of a Grand Prix – the price charged to race promoters...

Page 63 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, April 1979

Rally review

Swedish Rally Scandinavian winters being what they are, long and cold, it's almost inconceivable that February's Swedish Rally should have taken place on anything but roads plentifully covered by ice and snow. Sweden becomes white for months every winter, and remembering that the Monte-Carlo Rally has snow only on some parts of its route, the Swedish Rally is the only event in the World...

Page 20 of June 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, June 2011

Nigel Roebuck

REFLECTIONS - Amid the excitement, DRS is a gimmick too far - It's time the Formula 1 got rid of the 'one move' rule - A joke or several courtesy of Frank Gardner You could hardly fault the Chinese Grand P • in terms of action — and this on a track rdly renowned for it. At different points five drivers led the race, and all afternoon there was more overtaking than any longtime Formula 1 observer...

Page 20 of January 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, January 2014

The Motor Sport Month - Formula 1 News

Ecclestone's future hangs on court verdict F1 tsar could be driven from his sport as London tribunal assesses conflicting evidence I By Christian Sylt Bernie Ecclestone's future as Formula 1’s boss could be determined by a London High Court trial verdict, which is due to be given early in 2014. The trial began at the end of October and was coming to a close as Motor Sport went to press. It has...



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