Page 15 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1938


0(44 liawd VETERAN CAR CLUB The Veteran. Car Club held its annual Rally and Hill-Climb at Tilburstow on April 9th. The entries were not so numerous as in previous years, but a very enjoyable day was had by all. After lunch the cars attempted the long climb of Tilburstow. Capt. Colver's 1896 Arnold required the assistance of both occupants, but Wood's Leon-Bolke ascended steadily, likewise Allday'...

Page 24 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1939


MORE ABOUT THE SCARBOROUGH SCHEME LAST October twelve months ago an article appeared in MOTOR SPORT under the title "Scarborough's Social Prestige," announcing plans for a really ambitious road-circuit at Scar borough. At that time, although certain opposition was raised, the Scarborough Council did not turn the project down altogether and recommended that the Property Committee be empowered to...

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club news

etialiewd ......?1101.1111111111.119P SOUTHSEA M.C. The Club reported at its annual general meeting that it is now in a much sounder position than before. The following officers were elected for the cowing season :—Trials Secretary : C. S. De we-y ; Social Secretary : D. P. Kirkman ; lion. Treasurer : N. Lloyd Evans ; Chief Marshal : S. Teversham ; Press Secretary : M. W. Shepard. The President,...

Page 36 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 1938


ON MEETING THE M.O.T. SOME VIEWS BY WELL KNOWN EXPONENTS OF TRIALS SIJ1ESTORMING, even if it proves nothing and has a bad influence on the design of certain sorts of sports-cars, gives pleasure to hundreds of drivers and to many more hundreds of spectators, SO it is very necessary that we should give the politics of trials careful consideration. Just at present they are quite enthralling. In the...

Page 11 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, July 1938


MODEL T on 17th and it Anyone who feels that he or she would like to grapple once again with the unconventional controls of the epileptic— sorry, epicyclic—model T Ford car should note that anyone who brings one of these vehicles, of passenger-car type, along to the Ford Enthusiasts' Club's Croydon Rally on J uly 17th and gets it through the five tests (not against the watch !) will receive an...

Page 7 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, March 1938


ALLARD-SPECIALS TRIUMPHANT ONLY TWO CLEAN PERFORMANCES IN THE COLMORE TROPHY RACE GUY WARBURTON, driving an eight-cylinder Allard-Special, won the Colmore Trophy in the annual event held on February 26th, in the Cotswold hills. Allard-Specials, the latest in trials machines, scored a striking suc cess, for S. H. Allard. himself, designer of the cars, was the only other competitor besides...

Page 21 of January 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, January 1939


etia /Iowa VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB COTSWOLD TRIAL, NOVEMBER 27th This annual invitation event attracted twenty-six entries, including four teams entered by the Vintage, Harrow, United Hospitals and Bugatti Owners' Clubs. The placing Was in this order, the Vintage carrying off the S. C. H. Davis Cup by one mark. The team consisted of Miss Barbara Marshall's assorted G.N., Denyer's stout Lea-...

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For the Coming Season AVISIT to the Bellevue Garage racing shop is always of interest and Wilkinson never fails to imbibe one with fresh and stimulated enthusiasm. I called there last month and found the place well stocked with racing-cars, a sight enough to make one forget the icy, windswept London streets without. Fleming's ex-Horton M.G. Midget, sister car to Major Gardner's record-breaking...

Page 19 of April 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, April 1938


AN INEXPENSIVE AMATEURBUILT SPECIAL By air mail from Ceylon comes news of a special car which will be of interest to impecunious amateurs who cannot afford to build to any particular performance values or to incorporate favoured components, but who delight in converting ordinary cars into something more sporting with whatever components come to hand, aided by personal ingenuity. The car in...

Page 21 of January 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, January 1945


LETTERS from READERS Sir. We have a very interesting 2-seater 16-h.p. blown Alercedes (single eamshaft), 1921. vintag,e, which someone has pulled to bits and Nyhich we hope to rebuild next year. Unfortunately we cannot get any definite " gen " on it. The Mercedes Nvorks in London seem to think it was used at Indianapolis, Ina, it is not a bit like an Indianapolis car. and the engine is a common...



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