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Page 66 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1977

Rally Review

A Threat to Road Rallies Before Britain’s Motor Clubs found themselves able to follow the example of the RAC by organising rallies which used special stages on forest and other private roads, there was no official British Rally Championship to speak of. There was such a series run by the RAC, but little thought went into it and compared with other, non-rallying, series it was very much a poor...

Page 44 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, February 2014


Memories of Henry Taylor It’s sad that Henry Taylor has died, but I have a good memory of him. In 1968, when the London-Sydney Marathon rally was announced, I was part of the Supersport rally team in Acton. We had an excellent relationship with the Ford Competition Department in Boreham, so I phoned Henry, then Ford’s competition manager, and said “Any chance of a car?” Henry said, “If you get a...

Page 63 of September 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, September 1992

Clearing Giveen

Making a sideslip last month in the date of the Kop Hill accident which resulted in a ban on all public-road speed events has caused me to look again at this minor, but unfortunate, happening. As the RAC ban was total, the accident does have considerable historic clout. It has persisted to this day, along with the ban on motor racing on the British mainland, even over closed puiblic thoroughfares...

Page 33 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, December 1972

Rally Review

Sanremo Rally It used to be called the Rally of the Flowers, from the sunny Riviera which lies between the Mediterranean and the mountain region in which the event was held. Then it was renamed Sanremo Rally, and for the past two years has been combined with that other Italian event, the Sestrière Rally. But the amalgamation was not at all a popular one, and both competitors and organisers were...

Page 24 of January 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1990

Evergreen Giant

Evergreen Giant FEW manufacturers can claim to have produced a 'classic' car in the last twenty years, least of all one from a mass producer, but in the quattro Audi can fairly claim to have a car which has become a legend in its own lifetime. Making its debut at the 1980 Geneva Motorshow, the original plan was for only 400 examples to be built for homologation purposes. To date, however, more...

Page 23 of June 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, June 1975

Rally Review

The Welsh Rally OF THE five main international rallies in the British Isles (organised by people of five different nationalities, incidentally) the Welsh Rally is the one which has always been regarded as the low-cost event for clubmen, the rally on which aspiring competitors could cut their big-time teeth. The reason for this was simple; it was all crammed into one weekend, from Friday to Sunday...

Page 34 of February 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, February 1972

My year's motoring

The Editor looks back on the cars he drove during 1971 The time—how it flies!—has come to review briefly the motoring experiences of last year. I am not sure who instituted this idea of an annual road-test survey. I think it may have been H. S. Linfield, who did this in a fascinating manner in The Autocar before the war, a practice copied by Motor Sport in the post-war period and since followed...

Page 44 of December 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1964

Rally review

The R.A.C. Rally of Great Britain As it had been arranged that I should cover this year's R.A.C. Rally by occupying the hot seat in a works Saab driven by the Finnish Rally Champion, Simo Lampinen, Rally Review for this month was to have been an account of the rally seen from that point of view. I take little pleasure in reporting that we only managed to complete about one-fifth of the route...

Page 54 of July 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 1994

Rare bird

Despite its current prominence in international rallying (and let's face it, Colin McRae, in particular, has sometimes aroused the habitually disinterested national press), Subaru's road cars never have had a particularly high profile in the UK. The last example of the breed we tested (in February 1993) was the 2.0, turbocharged, four-wheel drive Legacy, since usurped on Forestry Commission land...

Page 43 of January 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, January 1978

Rally Review The Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

Although it's potential as the final round of the 1977 World Rally Championship for Makes was negated when the major tussle of that series, between Fiat and Ford, was settled in favour of Fiat during the Tour of Corsica two weeks before, the Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain was nevertheless the most significant rally of the series, largely because it attracted the greatest assembly of works...



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