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Page 62 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, December 2014


Letter of the month Limiting factor The Japanese Grand Prix accident involving Jules Bianchi has raised many suggestions, ranging from stricter flag-waving to closed cockpits. The latter option, I believe, has its own dangers, particularly with regard to removing an injured driver from his car. The solution appears, to me at least, to be simple. We see teams fret over the ‘risk of a safety car’,...

Page 127 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 127, July 2004

Race: 1979 French GP

Arnoux/Villeneuve duel With ten laps to go there now started a memorable battle for second place, so fierce and competitive that the race leader was overlooked. By lap 72, Arnoux was right behind Villeneuve. On the next lap they lapped some slower cars and the Ferrari got through while the Renault didn't. Lap 75 and they were together again; Villeneuve was not giving in, but on the start of lap...

Page 69 of March 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, March 2002

Banking on the future

Entrepreneurs had spent 50 years trying to persuade the owners to sell Sitges — to no avail. Their on-site chicken farm was too successful to give up. So why is Peter Schömer on the verge of succeeding where others have failed? He admits the timing was right: the owner had retired, and Catalonia's attitude to its heritage has recently changed. "They really want to protect it now," says Schömer, a...

Page 23 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1977

Matters of the moment

A Date to Remember Among the heat and fury of Grand Prix races counting towards the World Championship club racing tends to be overlooked. But it flourishes, nevertheless, and on October 15th, at Silverstone, something rather special in this latter category is due to take place, namely, the 750 MC’s Six-Hour Relay-Race, This unusual and interesting means of packing a great deal of racing at club...

Page 20 of July 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1975


T. G. H. Moore, JP, CP It is with the deepest sense of regret that we record the passing of T. G. Moore, Tom to his friends, and T.G.M. to MOTOR SPORT, which he owned from 1929 until he parted with it to the present Proprietor at the end of 1936. It must be made clear that this relinquishing of the journal was not an indication that fast cars had become of diminishing interest to T.G.M.; it came...

Page 100 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, July 1984

Motoring as it was

A Look Back to the roads of the 1920s(Continued from the June issue) Continuing the saga of Owen John, the Crossley-owning motor-noter of 1923, we find him, after enthusing over the new Gwynne Eight, going, for his annual Easter tour, to glorious Devon, in splendid weather and a new Bean. This had a four-speed gearbox and O.J. waxed enthusiastic about that, saying he had never realised the value...

Page 76 of March 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, March 2011

Lunch with... Alex Wurz

Tall men are not meant to make top racing drivers, yet he had a busy 12-year career as F1 racer and tester. Now his heart is set on a third Le Mans win By Simon Taylor Alex Wurz looks like Hollywood’s idea of a racing driver: alert, clear-eyed, charming yet steely, wiry and very fit. And tall. But, as we know, in real life the most successful racing drivers tend to be little guys. It’s not just...

Page 30 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, June 1984

Notes on the Cars at Zolder and Imola

With the Belgian GP and the San Marino GP on successive weekends (April 29th and May 6th) there was precious little time for anyone to return to base between the races so most of the teams set off for Belgium with sufficient equipment for the two weeks. Europe based teams like Ferrari were at a big advantage and the Maranello team were back home by Monday lunch-time after the Belgian race the...

Page 62 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1984


Personal disappointment relates to not having been sufficiently industrious in youth, to have studied things like workshop practice and simple welding etc, so that I could have worked on my cars and perhaps even built a special, and God not having endowed me with the qualities required for being a top-line racing driver… Thinking in terms of the many disappointments that have involved those who...

Page 9 of February 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, February 2004

You were there

Another chapter in our series for amateur motor racing photographs contributed by our readers, from their own archives. This month's selection takes us to Reims and Aintree "One of the first sounds I ever heard was J-P Wimille's Alfetta" says MIchel Mathieu. His family lived at Gueux, on the old Reims circuit and would picnic in the garden as the cars streaked past. His father saw every meeting...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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