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Page 25 of October 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, October 1983

Matters of moment

Up the limits The vexed subject of speed-limits is in the news again, as last month's Editorial emphasised. The leading motoring organisations are rightly pressing hard for the raising or abolition of unnecessarily low limits. The Daily Express has been backing them. RoSPA is opposed to a higher Motorway speed-limit in Britain that would bring us into line with most other EEC countries — with a...

Page 74 of August 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, August 1996

The HMSO and Motor Racing

I remember what a surprise it was, back in 1948, when I received an unbound, gestetnered publication with the title of Investigation into the Development of German Grand Prix Racing Cars between 1934 and 1939 (Including a description of the Mercedes World's Land Speed Record Contender) by Cameron C Earl. The other day I came upon this publication among a pile of other historic bits and pieces....

Page 35 of March 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1980

Matters of moment

Exploitation is a dirty word!  "Man's rich with little, were his judgement true; Nature is frugal, and her wants are few; These few wants answer'd, bring sincere delights; But fools create themselves new appetites. . . ."  No-one likes to be exploited. But that is what seems to be overtaking certain echelons of motoring sport at the present time. We have had that scare of an almost impossible...

Page 45 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, February 1984

DVLC in disarray?

It is a scandal that the DVLC computers at Swansea, which have cost the tax-payer millions of pounds, are still not running in top gear. For instance, we received recently, a vehicle licence reminder document, informing us that the excise licence for the car to which it applied expired at the end of the month, that was, in some three weeks' time. Yet the licence had been cancelled and a refund...

Page 4 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, July 1988

The Good and the Bad

The good news for those who favour older cars has been that the £40 tax-rebate continues, and indeed has been extended to vehicles constructed (rather than first taxed) prior to 1947. Peter Bottomley, Minister of Roads and Traffic at the Ministry of Transport, has also pledged that the new emission rulings will not apply to what he calls veteran cars. The bad news is that the MoT is ignoring the...

Page 19 of January 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, January 1977

Matters of moment

The future of MCC long-distance trials In a world in which motoring and motor-racing have changed down the years; about as much as the political and environmental scene, there has been a pleasing continuity about those classic long-distance trials organised by the MCC—the Motor Cycling Club, founded in 1901, and thus the oldest Club of its kind in existence, a body which has long catered for both...

Page 47 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, January 1979

Rally Review

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain One year ago we began the review of the 1977 RAC Rally by writing of its immense popularity among competitors and spectators, its enormous organisational costs and its mere academic significance as the final qualifying round of the World Rally Championship for Makes. Well, things haven't changed very much; the rally remains the most popular in the world, its...

Page 27 of September 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, September 1980

Matters of moment

Ministerial Madness It seems absolutely astonishing that any Government, and especially the Conservative Government, can be SO stupid and unfair as to try to impose a tax on all motor vehicles whether these are in use or not in use, on the public road or off it. But that is just what Transport Minister Norman Fowler, hiding behind the fact that a great many cars go out on the road untaxed, is...

Page 68 of October 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, October 1986

Fragments on forgottten makes No 71: The New British

Readers of Motor Sport  are very co-operative in keeping me in touch with odd items of motoring history which appear from time to time in unexpected places. Thus we were recently sent a cutting from a paper with the splendid title of the Black Country Bugle dealing with the short-lived New British light-car. The paper had devoted nearly a page to this forgotten car but its Editor generously gave...


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