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Page 23 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, July 1972

Matters of Moment

Le Mans Last year, after a Porsche 917 had won the famous 24-hour race over the constantly-improved Simile circuit at 222.340 k.p.h., Motor Sport was obliged to comment on the fact that some people found dissatisfaction with this very fast, night-and-day sports-car race. This was mainly on account a poor entry, no "works" Ferraris and Porsches. This year, under the 3-litre ruling, the race again...

Page 44 of September 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, September 1973

Around and About

A different attitude. By way of a change I took a trip to Silverstone last month to have a general look round at a big motorcycle meeting. The event was the John Player International and with Giacomo Agostini, reigning 500 Champion Phil Read, Yvon Du Hamel from Canada and many top names on the bill it was obviously going to produce some fireworks. Unfortunately my schedule precluded a visit on...

Page 22 of June 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1969

Continental Notes

The cancellation of the Belgian G.P. is still provoking much thought and comment, and having moved closer the issue is much clearer, though not officially. In Belgium, as in Germany, France, Spain and Great Britain there are rival factions trying to gain more power in the organisation of motor racing. To the motor-racing enthusiast who is not making money out of racing, but paying to watch, all...

Page 62 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, July 2003

Home-made hero

In just two years Peter Westbury became Britain's top hillclimber — in a self-built car. Then he hit the tracks. By Gordon Cruickshank Too bad there weren't any mobile 'phones in 1971, or Peter Westbury might be in the Formula One record books. When BRM needed a driver for the Italian Grand Prix the team rang for him – but he was on holiday and out of contact. So they called Peter Gethin instead...

Page 54 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, March 2008

Prost on Senna

Smith and Wesson. Harley and Davidson. Prost and Senna. Inseparable pairings in everyone’s mind. Alain Prost talks about their years of battle and how his retirement affected his old rival By Pascal Dro May 1982. Monaco Grand Prix. Six drivers swap the lead in less than two laps. Alain Prost is heading for victory when his Renault goes off before the swimming pool. He hurts his face and injures...

Page 16 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, March 2008

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – The importance of the edge of risk in Formula 1 – Why losing traction control is symbolically vital – Life after Alonso and the spy scandal at McLaren At the end of the ’60s, when I was not long out of school, I read an interview with Joakim Bonnier, the Swedish driver who gave BRM its first Grand Prix victory, at Zandvoort in 1959. Wasn’t it the case, Bonnier was asked at one point...

Page 25 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1971

Continental Notes

Very promptly the FIA Year Book of Automobile Sport has been published (35s. from PSL, 9 Ely Place, London, E.C.1) and is bigger and better than ever, answering all those questions that everyone asks about the 1971 season and rules and regulations. Unlike the picture albums that tell you what happened last year, the FIA book tells you what can and will happen this year. Depicted are the 29...

Page 36 of June 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, June 1975

The Spanish Grand Prix-Catastrophic

Barcelona, April 27th WE SHOULD have seen the writing on the wall when the transporters carrying the Formula One circus crossed the frontier into Spain with little or no trouble, unlike previous years when there had been long delays and muddles over paperwork. "Best trip we've ever had" said the UOP-Shadow crew. One man who did have a bit of bother was the driver of the Texaco "entertainment"...

Page 65 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, March 2000

Armco Barrier

In the days when a driver's death was accepted as par for the course, the safety of spectators had a higher priority. Keith Howard reveals how crash barriers found their way into racing. When Jackie Stewart had his 150mph accident in the BRM at a treacherously wet Spa in 1966, what ensued is barely credible by today's F1 standards. As he left the track he demolished a couple of walls and part of...

Page 34 of March 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, March 1972

On this and that and the changing times

There is a saying in everyday use at the moment which runs "we live in changing times" and quite often a rider is added "so everything must change". I agree with the first statement, except that it is not new, or original, it is as old as life itself, for times have always changed. It is a basic fact that life must continually change, it is not possible for it to remain stationary; if it tries to...



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