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Page 48 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 2014

When they were new: 3-litre Lagonda saloon

An original road test taken from the Motor Sport archives, November 1956 | by Bill Boddy Mr David Brown deserves the appreciation of enthusiasts for having catered for the continuity of two famous British makes, Aston Martin and Lagonda. The present-day Lagonda is an interesting proposition, combining the twin-overhead cam Aston Martin engine in a car of luxurious styling and appointments, and...

Page 62 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1984

Westfield Sports Cars

Latter-day Lotuses? At a small industrial estate in Dudley, West Midlands, the observant passer-by who glances into a small, neat factory unit may be surprised to see what is apparently a congregation of Lotus XIs and 7s. Apparently, because closer scrutiny will reveal that most of them bear a small badge which says “Westfield”, rather than the circular yellow sign of Colin Chapman. At a time...

Page 25 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, January 1973

Continental Notes

Racing Car Shows When the BRSCC held their first Racing Car Show they started a trend that has since snowballed. The idea originated because the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, who organise the London Motor Show at Earls Court, were not favourably inclined towards racing and competition cars, and some years they would allow a racing car at Earls Court and other years banned them. It...

Page 15 of March 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, March 1999

Measham Thanks

Sir, I write regarding an injury I sustained during the VSCC's Measham rally, not while driving but, rather less heroically, answering a call of nature. Everyone in the VSCC has been exceptionally kind and I must thank in particular John Gill and Bob Chapman for visiting me in hospital bearing gifts. Thanks also to the two people who stopped and drove miles to ring for an ambulance. Without doubt...

Page 98 of December 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, December 2001

Air-raiding the archives!

It is war! That was the devastatingly chilling declaration made by Neville Chamberlain in 1939 and now in 2001 by Tony Blair. I still remember vividly how, just after war broke out, Mr Wesley J Tee, the then-owner of Motor Sport , called me into his office and said, "Well, see you after it's over, perhaps. I've stopped publication." "Can't we go on?" I responded. "But the last war lasted five...

Page 63 of October 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, October 1977

How the New Rover 3500 is Made

The Editor visits British Leyland's £31-million factory at Solihull I was glad to avail myself of the GMW's expedition to the new Rover factory at Solihull last month, because this is a very significant contribution to Britain's hoped-for future prosperity. I had tried to look over this fine new factory previously, when testing the then-brand-new V8 Rover 3500, but there was nothing doing. There...

Page 122 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, February 2008


Although an instant success on the track, the Marcos had a far from trouble-free upbringing By Richard Heseltine / Photography by Howard Simmons As bad an idea as it so often is to judge a book by its cover, with the Marcos coupé, it’s hard to resist the temptation. That long, priapic nose, improbably low roofline and super-swoopy hind treatment coalesce into one of the most dramatic outlines...

Page 48 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, July 1990

Worth the wait?

The British are famous for their patient and (usually) orderly queues, but I wonder if those within the queues for sporting/luxury coupes from West Germany seriously ask themselves about the years that may be spent awaiting RHD delivery of machines such as the Mercedes SL, or the BMW 850i. We have been privileged to drive both these rival machines in the last six months, and would summarise their...

Page 49 of September 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, September 1978

Rally review - Marathon madness?

Ten years have passed since publicists gathered all the superlatives they could muster to describe a rally which spanned the world, the London-Sydney Marathon. This monster event attracted the attentions of works teams, for it looked like being a massive publicity-catcher, but many had cause to regret taking part in this long, highly expensive competition. It consumed so much of their budget...

Page 70 of April 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, April 1974

Fun with a Dutton

Sir, Lotus Sevens are good fun. Dutton "B" types are good fun. I've discovered the latter point by building one at home. The Dutton space frame with aluminium side panels has glass-fibre bonnet, seats, rear section and wings. The rest is up to the builder although Triumph front suspension is required and the choice of Triumph IRS or Ford live axle is given. My car has a 948 c.c. Austin-Healey...



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