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Page 47 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1981

Three GNs

An interview with Stafford East One of the articles which excited me very much when I was a small boy, reading avidly all the motoring papers I could lay my hands on, was that headed "The Fastest Cyclecar in The World!" which appeared, with nine enticing illustrations, in The Light Car & Cyclecar on June 16th, 1920. It was a description of Captain A.G. Frazer-Nash's famous GN "Kim", which the...

Page 54 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, June 1972

About Amilcars

The Editor talks to Vernon Balls In the nineteen-twenties the names Vernon Balls and Amilcar were synonymous. Mr. Balls sold these popular French sports cars from his well-known premises at 95, High Holborn, WC1, and also gained some very notable successes driving Amilcars at Brooklands and elsewhere. Motor Sport interviewed Mr. Balls in 1925 (January 1926 issue); that I was able to conduct...

Page 72 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, October 1995

Whitney Straight - Racing Driver

I find it astonishing that, whereas books have been written about so many racing drivers, from those of the pioneer days, through the interim periods, to the present day, nothing has appeared, so far as I can recollect, about Whitney Straight, or Earl Howe' for that matter. So, although it is scarcely possible to do full justice to any driver in a magazine article, the young American driver was...

Page 76 of October 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, October 1994

Kay Petre - a tribute

The advertisement for my History of Brooklands says it is about "the days when men were men, which reflected their will to win". Maybe: but it is also about many women drivers, most of whom also did pretty well. I loved 'em all, metaphorically speaking, none more so than Mrs Kay Petre, who died recently. This petite, very attractive, dark-haired girl had her first taste of racing at Brooklands in...

Page 68 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, January 1994


The Italian built SCAT motor car is in my mind just now because a rather covetable little racing car, not of this make but having close associations with it, as I will explain later, and which I encountered long years ago, has since been restored, and was indeed "fired-up" a short time ago. So over to SCAT history. That eminent motoring historian and celebrated writer the late Kent Karslake was...

Page 93 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, October 1973

Talbot BGH 23

As eleven years have now passed since I restored this car as near as was humanly possible to its pre-war specification, and as it has been much written about meanwhile, I am surprised that all of a sudden suggestions are being made in MOTOR SPORT that "it ain't wot it used ter be". First, you Mr. Editor who report a rumour that the car "has Jaguar con rods and a light alloy body". This is no...

Page 78 of December 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 1994


Had you been able to buy a sports car back in the 1920s, which one would you have chosen, I wonder? The choice was pretty open; there were 40 different makes available on the British market, in a number of various models. It seems possible that, before making your purchase, you might have gone to Brooklands in 1926, where the ever-ambitious Junior Car Club put on a race for such cars, the result...

Page 71 of January 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, January 1989

High-Speed Trials

Sir, I was very interested to read your "High Speed Trials" article in the November issue. As a competitor in the VSCC April Silverstone High Speed Trial this year, I had to complete 21 laps in 40 minutes in an 1100cc vintage car, which is an average of 50.65 mph, so I think your sums are a bit out! Far from being more lenient, the VSCC requires an average speed of 15 mph faster than the JCC for...

Page 62 of February 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, February 1994

A whiff of old Brooklands

The Young Special When a respected monthly motoring contemporary published a picture of Tom Walker's Young Special at the VSCC Donington Park race meeting last year it bore a caption suggesting that this car has "the double disadvantage of having a Frazer Nash chassis and a one-off engine which was built for Brooklands but never even got off the line there." This caused me to raise an eyebrow (in...

Page 75 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, November 1995

Three in a row - a Delage achivement

This is a recall of a satisfactory piece of motor racing history, which it is nice to remember when much is in disarray and Damon Hill in trouble. The driver it concerns is R J B (Dick) Seaman, the car his remarkable 1927 straight-eight 1½-litre Delage. The year? 1936. Seaman, having served his racing apprenticeship, as it were, with an MG Magnette in the longer races that were the ones that...



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