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Page 29 of February 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1962

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars he Drove in 1961 ANOTHER busy year is over and it is time to take out my diary and recall the pros and cons, the merits and shortcomings, of the cars I road-tested for MOTOR SPORT during 1961. It was a year during which I covered 18,930 miles on these test runs, 15,000 further miles in staff and personal vehicles, was a passenger for considerable mileages in...

Page 36 of January 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1956


heater, which is controlled by a tiny lever to the right of the back seat sill, which the driver can reach with his left hand. It blows hot air from two adjustable apertures, one on each side of the chassisbackbone in the front compartment, and feeds demister ducts in the dash through large flexible pipes. These pipes are rather unsightly (but then, so are the protruding screws under the dash)...

Page 20 of August 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, August 1962

Analysis of the Type 356B Porsche Super 75

Road Test Impressions of a Beautifully-made Completely-equipped 1,582 c.c. £2,348 German G.T. Car Although I am not privileged, like the Production Manager and Continental Correspondent of MOTOR SPORT, to have had regular experience of Porsche motoring, I was able recently to drive a Super 75 for over 1,000 miles on English roads, mostly fast miles, for this is a car that is not habitually driven...

Page 7 of November 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, November 1958

Matters of Moment

Earls Court Motor Show On October 22nd the London Motor Show was opened by the Rt. Hon. R. A. Butler, C.H, M.P., Secretary of State for Home Affairs and Lord Privy Seal. This great International Motor Show will remain open every day. Sunday excepted, until November 1st. This year some extremely interesting new British cars will be exhibited: The race bred Aston Martin DB4 is particularly worthy...

Page 40 of July 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, July 1960

XVIIIth Grand Prix of Monaco

Moss is Supreme Monte Carlo, May 29th. Being the first major Grand Prix of the European season, everyone was out in full force and the entry list was one of the most interesting seen for some time. The B.R.M. team had three of their 1960 rear-engined cars, with Bonnier, Gurney and Graham Hill as drivers; Cooper had their two 1960 ears in the hands of Brabham and McLaren, these new cars looking...

Page 36 of February 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, February 1966

My Year's Motoring

The Editor looks back on the cars he drove in 1965 This annual review is intended as a refresher course for those readers who are interested in the good, bad, and indifferent aspects of the cars that came to us for road-test during the past twelve months. Consequently, it will not be a resume of the Good Life, as provided by D.S.J. last month. Nor do I claim to have toiled so hard at my motoring...

Page 41 of May 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, May 1952

Air: Handling the Aeronca

(by David F Ogilvy) With the present tendency towards over complication it is interesting to handle an aeroplane that can truly be called the essence of simplicity. I refer to the Aeronca 100, produced originally in the thirties by the Aeronautical Corporation of America and subsequently built in small numbers in this country at Horsey Toll, near Peterborough. Although several specimens exist in...

Page 21 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, May 1967

Mercedes-Benz in Britain

Developments at Brentford and some comments on the 250SE from Stuttgart Everyone should drive a Mercedes-Benz at least once a year, in order to appreciate just how mediocre by comparison many other cars are. Apparently Mercedes-Benz in Great Britain know this, for scarcely a twelvemonth goes by without them offering me a car to try. This year it was a 250SE, which I had the pleasure of using for...

Page 31 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, April 1962


THE PORSCHE CARRERA 2 The old law of magazine publishing implied that if a manufacturer " took space" in an appropriate journal he would be granted editorial publicity in return. If this applied to MoToa SPORT there would be some cars our readers would never hear about but fortunately advertising revenue and editorial utterances are kept apart. Even so, some people are never satisfied. For...

Page 32 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, January 1971

America faces up to the invaders

At the time our Editor road-tested the Ford Maverick, the American car makers and the public were getting ready for Detroit's next step in the fight to curb the 13-15% share the foreigners had carved out for themselves in America's car market. We have now seen what the American motor city's answer was to be, although it is too early as yet to gauge how successful Chevrolet's 2,287 c.c. Vega and...



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